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Table is a piece of furniture with a smooth flat top, backed up by one or more vertical legs. Wood is an ideal stuff for making up tables, as it is resistant to decomposition and pulverized. Delicately cut up wooden tables are sure to leave the buyers fascinated. The complex design on the wooden tables shows the crafter's zest for excellency.

About Wooden Table A wood table has become an essential piece of furniture immaterial of the facts like- rooms where wooden tables are places, purposes for which these are used, home decor style etc. You can find wood tables right from the living room to bed room and even in the kitchen. They are used for various purposes- study, dining, decorating and what not! Wooden tables can fit in every style of home decor whether it be traditional, modern contemporary or antique style. The only difference in the wood tables used for different home interior styles are those reflected in their designs, sizes and making.

Wood is a composite, active material that can only be used successfully if the craftsmen understand it. Tables crafted from wood have natural edges, which display the beauty and variety of Indian woods. These tables are extremely long-lasting, requires slight maintenance, and are resistant to damage, decay and splintering.

Types of Wooden Table Depending upon the purposes and occasions, wooden tables can be categorized under following heads :
Console Table
Console Table

Shelf Table
Shelf Tables

Dining Table
Dining Table

TV Trolley Table
TV Trolley Table

Coffee Table
Coffee Table

Bar Pub Table
Bar Table/Pub Table

Occasional Table Sets
Occasional Table Sets

Nesting Tables
Occasional Table Sets

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Wooden Table Woods Used for Tables There are many types of woods used for table making. However, some of the woods are more popularly used for tables which include the following.
  • Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Cedar
  • Rosewood
  • Teak
  • Pine
  • Ebony
  • Bamboo
Wooden Table Finishes There are various types of wood finishes used for making wooden tables to get the desired look and utility. Some of the wood finish mediums used for wooden tables include the following.
  • Oil
  • Wax
  • Varnish
  • Paint
  • Lacquer
  • Veneer
  • Oil based finishes
Wooden Table Designing Modern Wood Coffee Table Design Tables have been an integral part of artistic and utilitarian furniture for a long time. Tables crafted from wood, display distinct designs such as complex flowered themes and other sculptures. Antique wood furniture including tables hold a special place in the furniture world. There are numerous awesome diversity of wooden tables. Wooden tables come in different shades and hues, owing to the natural color of the wood. These tables come in a range of finishes and colors. They are finally varnished and given a shining finish and can be given varied kinds of shape such as oval wood table, round, square and rectangular wooden table etc. Apart from serving their purposes, wooden tables are a welcome addition to the décor of the place.

Wooden tables are required in any room, in homes, offices, schools, libraries .... anywhere. Since wood is durable and aesthetically appealing, it is the most sought after choice for making tables. Wooden tables are attractive, solid and easy to maintain. Wooden tables stay as good as new for decades together and never lose their charm. Cost of the table depends on the wood, size and the work done on the table.

One of the very popular wood table designing aspect is wood carving.The carved wood tables are a popular item for home decor, especially for traditional style of home decorating.

To know about various wooden table designing modes for different home decor styles, see this photo gallery - Wooden Table Designs for Home Decor Styles

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