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Wooden Chairs
Types of Wooden chairs
Wooden chairs are perhaps one of the first few things made in the history of Indian wooden handicrafts.The highly durable wooden chairs are chiseled out of all types of wood. When perfectly designed, a wooden chair lends elegance and an aristocratic look to the room. The traditional wooden chairs were fine examples of wood carving. However, the contemporary furniture, which favors more straight lines and lesser details, have given birth to wooden chairs that have smooth wood finishes.

What is a Chair? A chair is a raised surface for sitting purpose. It is generally used by one person. The raised sitting surface is supported by four legs. A chair usually has arms and a backrest. Sometimes it has a footrest too- like in recliners. Chairs may sometimes have extended back that goes above the height of the occupant's head and can be called a headrest- like those on barber's chair. When the seat of chair is made in such a way that more than one person can sit on it, then it can be called a sofa, couch, bench or a love seat.

Types of Wooden Chairs The chairs are designed to meet different requirements – garden chairs, chairs with dining table, decorative chairs, arm chair, relaxing chairs etc. Wooden chairs are one of the high utility wood furniture- be it home, garden or office. Wooden chairs are available in multiple colors including various shades of natural wood and sometimes painted too. The wood chairs are designed keeping in mind the comfort of people who will sit on it and are therefore sometimes back padded and covered with cushions.

Wooden Folding Chairs
Folding wood chairs collapse in one or the other way for easy storage and transport. They have a rigid frame and a seat around a transverse axis so that the seat becomes parallel to the back and the frame collapses with a scissors action. Although there are specific outdoor chairs as can be found in garden furniture, many people prefer folding wooden chairs due to the convenience of storing them inside and protecting them from extreme weather conditions.

Wooden Beach Chairs
Wooden Beach Chairs
Beach Wooden Chairs
A beach chair is a special comfortable chair to be used on beaches. Some of the types of beach chairs are designed to protect the occupants from sun, wind, rain, and sand on beaches. As wood remains cool to the touch under hot sun, wooden chairs are preferred by many. Wooden beach chairs can be collapsed, folded & reclined, all at the same time. The stylish looks also make it an irresistible addition to patio or backyard pool. Some of them are even equipped with armrests and footrests, storage space below the seats, rain proof covers and sunshades.

Wooden Office Chairs
An office chair, also called a desk chair, is designed to be used at a desk in an office or any other place where desk work has to be done. It is usually comfortable and adjustable. It typically swivels, tilts, and rolls about on casters, or small wheels. Office wood chairs may be upholstered with fabric or leather which make them executive chairs. Sometimes these chairs have low back and are called a steno chair. Office chairs often have many ergonomic adjustments, such as seat height, armrest height and width, and back reclining tension.

Wooden Dining Chairs
A dining chair is a typical side chair that comes with a seat and back but without armrests. Wooden dining chairs are designed to be used at wooden dining tables. These side chairs are also used as an occasional chair. Typically, dining chairs are part of a dining set in which the chairs and table have similar or complementary designs.

Wooden Garden Chairs
A garden chair or a lawn chair is generally a light, folding chair used as an outdoor furniture. It is also good to be placed on soft surfaces. In such types of wooden chairs, the left and right legs are joined along the ground into a single foot to make a broader contact area with the ground. Individual feet, that are present in traditional chairs, would otherwise dig into soft grass.

Wooden Rocking Chairs
Wooden Rocking Chair
Wooden Rocking Chair
A rocking chair, also called a rocker, is a wooden side chair or armchair having legs mounted on curved rockers. This makes the wooden chair sway back and forth. A rocking chair can be on springs or on a platform- the platform rocker- in order to avoid crushing anything that gets under the rocker.

Wooden High Chairs A high chair is a piece of kids furniture used for feeding babies. Its seat is raised to a fair distance from the ground, so that an adult person may easily spoon-feed the child even in a standing position. High rise wood chairs often have a wide base to increase stability. There is a detachable tray attached to the arms of such chairs. Some of these chairs also have belts to strap the child in. Yet another type of kids chairs is the booster chairs that can raise the height of children on regular chairs in order to make them able to eat at the main dining table. Some high chairs are clamped directly to the table and therefore they are more portable.

Wooden Director's Chairs A director's chair is a lightweight folding chair. Its seat and back are made of canvas or a similar strong fabric so that it can hold the full weight of the occupant. The back of a director's wood chair is usually low and the it generally has armrests. Due to its portability, comfort and lightweight, it is preferred for outdoor activities where locations of work change frequently, such as engineering sites, film shooting sites etc. As most of the movie directors have the stereotype image of being seated on such chair, it' is typically called director's chair.

Wooden Antique Chair Wooden antique chairs refer to the chair pieces belonging to the gone by era. These wooden chairs truly signify the rich craftsmanship and the royal aura of the lost world. Characterized by the vernacular styles, and gently curving backs these antique wood chairs make fashionable pieces of furniture to deck up the house. It is quite easy to refinish a wooden antique chair. In fact, an antique chair placed in the porch or in the veranda can be the center of attraction for the guests and viewers. Wooden antique furniture including chairs are generally priced pretty high, given the exclusivity that these chairs carry.

Wooden Stackable Chairs Wooden stackable chairs are the types of wooden chairs that can be stacked one top of the other to save space. These are simple wooden chairs, generally minus arm rests and hollow towards the rear part of the chair. People favor buying wooden stackable chairs for, they are durable as well as easy to arrange and space saving.

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