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Wooden Bed

A bed is the most important furniture that one has. It is usually used to sleep on and it is available in a wide variety of types and sizes. The bed has layers of mattress which can be made from a variety of material as well. The " Wooden beds" perform a dual role

  • They are pleasing to the eye to assist creativity
  • They are comfortable.
They are the best way to achieve both ends simultaneously. They resemble as "comfort luxury". Wood has long been the material of choice for quality furniture, specially beds. They may be expensive due to its lasting value. They add beauty to bedrooms. They are aesthetically idolized for their intricate craftsmanship.

" Wooden beds" are available in various colors, grains and hardnesses. The magnificent designs of wooden bed set a warm and relaxing atmosphere for the bedrooms. Based on the changing customer preferences and trends, craftsmen manufacture customized wooden beds that match specific requirements of customers.

The wood beds are carved exquisitely from top class wood that are fine and well processed. In wooden beds the main frame is usually of wood. This wood in the beds is processed such that it can withstand weathering and has a great deal of longevity and length of service.

Types of wood
Types of wood used in these antique wooden beds are :
  • Sesame - It is a rich medium brown wood with deep grains and is a part of the rosewood family.
  • Mango - It is a finely textured wood variety with immense strength and hardness
  • Acacia - It is a strong wood variety that finishes well and is light in weight etc.
The bed reflects the man's inner self. Wooden beds are the most essential and basic pieces of furniture in a bedroom. The elegant and beautiful beds can be designed with or without design posts, side rails or wooden support slats. Solidly constructed wooden bed is produced which represent grace and charm.

Types of Bed
Wooden BedWooden Bed
  • Single Bed - It is the smallest standard bed size available.
  • Double Sized Bed - Its length is around is 5" (13 cm). It is the good size to buy for twin people.
  • Queen Bed Size - They are perfect for most of couples and are less expensive
  • King size Beds - They are expensive as two extra long twin beds lie side by side.
  • Children Bed - As the name suggests these beds are used for children.

Antique wooden beds, they recreate the magic of good old days. These replica furniture are crafted by skilled craftsmen to present it in an attractive and eye-catching look. The simplicity and style of this contemporary bed lends itself to the most up-to-date bedding and its interior decoration.

Wood beds give a natural and authentic feel. They came in a wide variety of styles, woods and finishes. They looks sturdy as well as elegant as hardwood used is contained from deciduous trees. They may also have traditional style remarkable carvings that animate the contemporary art. They also resemble great pieces of art. The people who carve these wooden beds have enormous skill which they put to use in making these beds.

Why beds are needed : Beds are the cornerstone of every bedroom
Beds are very important part of life. It is very important to be well rested. Wooden beds help in making night comfortable and rest the body to meet the new day. It adds to productivity apart from being very elegant. Beds simply sets the theme for the whole room. When anyone walks into a bedroom the first thing they see is the bed, and there is nothing more beautiful than a " wooden bed".

Wood beds that are of high quality are made to last. They lend themselves well to carving and wooden bedroom furniture is well maintained. The perfect polish and smooth finish make them a true masterpiece . They adorn the interior décor with splendid class. They are adorned with favorite linens and achieve a look that is truly unique. The design and style of exclusive wooden beds glorifies the cultural richness of India.

Manufacturing process
  • Wood Frame Preparation - In this step the wood is precisely cut to provide the solid framing for beds.
  • Wood Assembly - The wooden cut-outs are assembled to construct the initial shape of bed.
  • Finishing Manufacturing Process -In this process finishing is provided in the bed. The bed can be painted, varnished, stained, waxed or kept natural.
  • Inspection Quality Control- In this phase , inspection is done by staff. Once inspection is completed, specialized foam is being cut to cover the bedding area, with special fabric fillings known as mattresses.
  • Loading and Shipping- It is the final step and in this after inspecting everything they are loaded into trucks or buses and finally transported.

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