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Wooden Ashtrays

Though, cigarette is not a status symbol for most people yet, the wooden ash-trays give a magnificent look. Its true to say, Cigarette smoking has given birth to beautiful wooden ash-trays in which the ashes are kept. Wooden ash-trays are offered in most stylish designs and materials like flexible wood, hard wood with steel.

These decorative wooden ash-trays make great potpourri of colors, are great to gift friends for their personal use. Share the ecstatic feeling among yours friends having a superb piece of wooden ash-tray. Wooden ash-trays seem to keep popping up here and there, now and then. It would be not an exaggeration to say that perhaps it's a discovery of every new generation of crafters.

Wooden ash-trays can be used as personal as well as promotional giveaway and gift item . The corporate name and logo can be etched on these handicraft products and get identified by the people important for the business.

Features of wooden ash-trays Wooden Ashtrays
  • All wooden ash-trays have different shapes and sizes according to the specifications.
  • The colour painted on wooden ash-trays can be of many types.
  • Natural wood color is preffered by many people.
  • Both hard wood and soft wood are used for wooden ash-trays.
  • Wooden ashtrays always have an artistic presence.
  • Indian wooden ash-trays are great in demand in Asian & European countries.
  • If handled with care, wooden ash-trays are highly durable and easy to clean.

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