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Wooden Garden Furniture

Who doesn't want to have a garden decorated with beautiful furniture? In this connection, a good piece of wooden furniture adds to the beauty of the garden. Garden furniture made from wood seems to out last many other outdoor products. There is a large variety of out door woods that make garden furniture. The favorites seems to be red wood, oaks, pine, teak and maple as these woods last for a very long time and maintain their beauty. The woods all have their own particular facets, which call for an individual to choose according to their own preference.

Variety of woods used for garden furniture Oak wood garden furniture chosen a lot for its durability. The oak wood noted for its beauty and its unique appearance makes the best in outdoor garden furniture. Each piece of garden furniture has its own distinct coloring.

Red wood garden furniture has a beautiful color and stands out in anyone's patio. Chinese red wood also has its own unique qualities. The red wood or cherry wood natural beauty is in part due to the natural variations in wood grain and coloring. The beauty of the wood garden furniture is brought out in red woods.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Teak is a very precious wood and outdoor furnishings for patio can be very expensive. The beauty and the durability make teak wood a real collectors item when found. Teak furnishings often last over many centuries and known in the antique world as quite a find.

The most gracious of woods is the maple, which comes from the maple trees. This wood makes delicate furniture items that add beauty to the patio. The beauty of maple is unsurpassed but the nature of the wood is not useable in outdoor weather conditions.

Woods such as brazilian cherry, cedar, mahogany just to name a few are attractive with their natural finish. Alder is good-looking with its natural finish, but also takes paint and stain flawlessly. Cypress has excellent paint retention.

Wood garden furniture is economical to use and that is why many people like using some sort of wood or another. The beauty that the wood generates for the garden and home makes having wood garden furniture a must. Some people have wrought iron pieces as well because they like to accent their patio and garden with both wood and wrought iron.

When choosing your garden furniture When choosing your garden furniture, you should opt for wooden garden furniture, you will want to decide on the look you wish your garden furniture to have before the purchase is made. Do you want a painted finish, or do you prefer a stained or natural finish?

Wooden Garden Furniture

There are many different types of wood used in the making of wooden garden furniture such as Brazilian cherry, cedar, mahogany, teak, eucalyptus, alder, cypress, pine and shorea. There are other tropical woods used in the making of wooden garden furniture. Most of the woods used are a hardwood with the exception of pine. Pine is one of the softer woods available and can be used to make wooden garden furniture when pressure treated. You may want to ask your garden furniture retailer about the best type of wood for your particular use.

If you like colors a good paint job can give you, you will want to consider wooden garden furniture made from this type of wood. Pine even though a softer wood will readily take a stain of any color. Some woods take on a rustic look from being seasoned with time and weather. If you do not prefer this look for your lawn or garden, you might want to see if measures could be taken to prevent this part of the aging process or choose a different wood for your wooden garden furniture.

Each type of wood has its own unique qualities that you will want to take into consideration before you make your final decision on the type of wood.

Some woods have a natural resistance to splintering, shrinking, and cracking, while other woods have a natural resistance to decay and splitting. Other woods have a natural resistance to weather damage and others are resistant to rot and bugs. Most woods are durable and have the ability to last 20 to 30 years, some with little care and maintenance.

Purchasing wooden garden furniture would be a great investment for the future of your family. To protect your investment, check with your wooden garden furniture retailer to learn the steps required to the care and maintenance of your investment.

Care & maintenance of wooden garden furniture
To take the absolute best care of your wood outdoor furniture, you need to take into consideration the climate in which you live and the type of wood your furniture is made from. However, there are some basic care and maintenance tips that you should adhere to, no matter your exact climate and the exact wood of your furniture:
  • Covering and storing: During any months in which you do not plan on using your furniture, you should store it away in a shed or garage, place it beneath an overhang, and/or cover it.
  • Manufacturer's instructions: If you have bought your furniture new, then it should come with some care and maintenance tips. Be sure to save and follow the tips and tricks trump.
  • Sun and rain: While sun and rain may be the best possible friends of your garden, they can be considered enemies of wood furniture. Think about covering your furniture before a storm and keeping it in the shade or beneath the overhang of a porch - of course, properly protecting your chairs and tables can lessen the need for such precautions.
  • Protectants: At the beginning of each season, take your furniture out. Use a protectant on it. It depends upon what type of furniture it is. Stain, paint, preservatives, and/or wax can be used.
  • Wipe down: It is a good idea to get into a habit of wiping down the furniture every week. Just use a dry cloth.
  • The legs: Keep them out of grass which can log them with a lot of moisture over time, sometimes rotting the wood. As an added precaution, fill up four cups with a wood preservative and place the four legs of the chair or table, etc. into them. Do not neglect the legs of your wooden furniture.
  • Cleaning: Once a month (and certainly before you put the garden furniture away for the winter), take a moist and soapy cloth and wipe down the furniture. Make sure that you completely dry it off afterwards. If necessary, use a wood cleaner.

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