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Wooden Candle Holders

Wooden candle holders are actually a very decorative piece that keeps on enhancing the interior decor even when no candle is lighted in it. Candle holders are essential accessories of home decorations besides being used for lighting purpose these days. Made of different materials, especially the beautiful wood candle holders make for wonderful home decorations.

Candles and Wood Candle Holders!

Wooden Candle Holders
Wooden Candle Holders
The discovery of candles was a source of great enlightenment since ancient times. When there was no electricity these candles were a source of light. When there are candles there must be a place to hold them too and hence the concept of candle holders.

Good looking wooden candle holders give your room a different look. Today you can find candles in different shapes other than the traditional ones. Setting up your room with these beautiful candles will make your room look even better. They add a special glow to the look of your home.

There are various innovative candle holders. You can have metal candle holders, glass candle holders, crystal candle holders, fancy candle holders, wood candle holders and so many more. Among the candle holders the wooden candle holders are the most popular. They come in very affordable ranges. Wood candle holder manufacturers and wooden candle holders suppliers present every single kind and style of these decorative wood candle holders.

Type of Wood Used to Make Wooden Candle Holders Wooden candle holders are all purpose decorative items that are not confined to one or two applications. Bamboo wood candle holders are getting very popular as this wood is eco friendly and thus completely safe for the environment.

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To make stylish and designer wood candle holders timber is a also a very good option as it is very easy to work upon and comes in all textures and shapes. In some wooden candle holders the natural texture of the wood is retained and enhanced by polishing it further.

Wooden Candle Holders Designs
Wooden Candelabra
Wood candle holders come in different designs and styles but the one made from painted wood and decorative carving are the most popular. Various color combinations are used to make wooden candle holders more decorative and mostly very bright colors are used for this purpose. This makes these an outstanding piece of art.
  • Stilted wooden candle holders are not new to decoration as our ancestors have been using these since time immemorial. These are hand crafted stilted wood candle holders that have superb designs. The designing vary from place to place and specific to the location. Check out more on antique wood craft.

  • Wooden candelabra is another very popular style of wood candle holders in which 3 or more than three candles can be placed.

  • Wooden Candelabra
    Centerpiece Wood Candle Holders are actually ordinary looking candle holders that looks like chandeliers. These are placed on the tables before dining or any incoming room to enhance the room decor.

  • Designing of the candle holder is also done in an ethnic way. So you will find Indian wood candle holders, African wood candle holders and so on.

  • Also there are Open-air wooden candle holders that are made from a flat wood having holes to hold the candles. These holes are drilled into them.

  • Along with all these you will find amazing styles of contemporary wood candle holders that are made in total modern style.
Features of Wooden Candle Holders
  • The designs on the wooden candle holders bear a distinct traditional and cultural aura.
  • A popular choice not only in India but abroad. There are butterfly candle holders, angel candle holders, acrylic candle holders and so many more styles of wood candle holders.
  • Wooden candle holders are the ones that are usually used for gifting someone.
  • They are available in different colors, shapes, sizes. Suitable for any occasion.
  • They give your home a new look.
  • Made of different types of wood like teak, oak, maple, walnut, mahogany and other.
Wooden Candles
Wooden Candles

Popularity of wooden candles Wooden candle holders impart an elegant look with their beautiful carving. Made of different types of woods, candles holders are available in traditional, modern and contemporary designs. Indian artisans are involved in manufacture of wooden candle holders in a variety of texture and finishes which are even exported to various countries.

You can place these on a dinner table to make the table more presentable and special. This will create a romantic dinner for you two.

Also wooden candle holders can be used in churches.

Give wood candle holders as a wedding gift as nothing can be more romantic than this.

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