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Wooden Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts have become the norm of the day. With all the corporate companies trying to build up a positive relationship with their clients as well as employees, corporate gifts have assumed great importance in today's world. Although there are many options among gift items that can be used as corporate gifts, wooden crafts and wooden decoratives have occupied a coveted position due to many reasons. Before knowing these reasons, it is desirable to know the basic fact as to what are corporate gifts at the first place.

What are Corporate Gifts? A corporate gift or present is transfer of something, without the expectation for compensation which is involved in trade. It can be considered as a free will of person to take and give gifts and not to require anything in return. Like general gifts given for any special occasions like festivals, birthdays, anniversaries etc. companies too offer corporate gifts to its employees on various occasions – transfer, retirement, company's anniversary, festivals like Christmas etc. or whenever the team’s efforts in an organization achieves the desired target and brings valuable profits to the company. On such events it becomes very important to boost employees' morale by giving them reward.

Corporate Gifts v/s Promotional Gifts

Sometimes, companies also give gifts to their customers or clients with whom they deal regarding their business. This is again done to promote goodwill among people related to the company. Sometimes, these corporate gifts are used for promotional purposes too. When the companies use their name, address, and other contact details on the gifts, they are also known as promotional gifts. Wooden corporate gifts are converted in to promotional gifts by engraving or carving the name and other details of the company on the gift items.

Wooden Corporate gift Items
Wooden Corporate Gifts
Wooden Corporate Gifts
Gift items made of wood are very popular . Many companies prefer to give avay various wooden gift items as corporate gifts as they are durable and elegant. When wooden items are purchased in wholesale from suppliers or exporters, they prove to be very cost effective. In fact, when companies directly deal with the wooden gift manufacturers, they save a lot of money by avoiding the middlemen in suplly chain. However, wooden corporate gifts might be procured on cheap rates, they always look more expensive due to craftsmanship of the artisans as well as because wood itself is considered to be an expensive medium to make craft items. They can be offered on various occasions including retirement , transfer or anniversary etc. They help in encouraging and motivating people who really deserve to be appreciated. It helps in minimizing attrition rate as well as staff turn over. Wooden gift items cam also be customized as per the requirement of various companies.

Types of Wood Used for Corporate Gift Items Types of wood used for making wooden gift items include the following.

Cedar: It is reddish in color. It has sweet odor. It is uniform in texture and easy to work with. Resistant to decay, it is used in making various wooden gift items like chest, closet lining, shingles, posts, dock planks, novelties.

Teak: It is a very hard wood and durable in nature. It resists moisture and rot. Best for making fine wood furniture, shipbuilding, doors, window framing, flooring and general construction, including small decorative and gift items.

Rosewood: It has dark reddish brown color. It is very hard , fragrant and closely grained. It requires high finishing. Used in making of musical instruments, piano cases, wooden boxes, tool handles, art projects, and furniture etc.

Wooden Gift Items- Manufacturing Process In making of wooden gift items it requires a lot of hard work and dedication which is given by craftsmen. They are the true masterpiece in their own way. Firstly the raw wood which is in form of lumbers are properly cut in form of boards. Then, they are hardened to obtain a grain for carving. If any decorative pattern is to be made , then they are drawn with pencil before wood carving. Then they are carved with the help of tools. Different pieces of carved wood are then assembled together. Finally, a proper wood finishing and coating is done.

Manufacturing Tools for Wooden Items

Carving of wood is a time-consuming process. In the manufacturing process of wood crafts, a large variety of tools are used such as Saws , Lathes , Drills , Carving knives , Wood carving chisels , V- gouges and U- gouges.

Types of Wood Finishes Wood finishing is the process of embellishing or protecting the surface of any wood item. It includes scraping , blotching , finally applying coat or conditioner on surface. There are several wood finishes used in wooden gift items such as conversion lacquer, Shellac, linseed oil, Oil-varnish mixes, Polyurethane varnish etc.

Types of Wooden Corporate Gifts There is a wide range of gifts that fall under this category. They include wooden wooden clocks, pen box, pen holder, card holder, wooden pens, wood statues, lamp, keyring, and wooden bowls. Let us know more about various wooden gift items or wooden corporate gifts under the following heads:

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