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Wooden Vases

Wooden Carved Vases Wooden vase is an open container, used for holding flowers or for decoration. Wood can be given artistic shapes to create different types of vases. A wooden vase is not only perfect for home decor but can also be a good gift item. Some of the very fine pieces of hand made or carved vases can even be considered for corporate gifts. However, till now, wooden vases are the favorite medium for decorating garden fresh and even dried flowers. In fact, meticulously carved wooden vases make great gift items as well as unique decorative flower pots.

Types of Wood Used for Making Vases Wooden vases are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. They can also be custom-designed to meet specific requirements. Wood vases are usually available in smooth polished finish or rugged natural finish. However, vases with antique finishes are also not very difficult to find out. Different types of woods are used for making decorative vases which include

  • Oak wood
  • Mango wood
  • Redwood
  • Teak wood
  • Olive wood etc.

Types of Wooden Vases Wooden vases not only are made of many types of woods but they are also available in different colors such as beige, brown, ocher, and other shades of wood. They may some time be available in other colors and often painted as well.

Carved Wooden Vases
Wooden Bud Vase The most popular form of wooden vases since time immemorial are the hand carved vases made of wood. These vases are as fine as the skill of their crafter. Many types of designs are carved on wood that include from flowers, leaves, sculptures/statues, human & animal figurine to geometrical patterns and odd shapes. They reflect so nice craftsmanship that they don't need any other thing like flower to decorate the surroundings.

Wooden Bud Vase Wooden Bud Vases

Sometimes when only a strand of flower is required to decorate a lone table or the corner of a small room, wooden bud vases become the perfect thing to go for. These vases are usually small, rather narrower, that can hold only one or two strands of flowers and can be carved, painted, or in any other decorative style. The modern bud vases also include some other features like a wooden clock attached to two pieces of bud vases in a stylish manner.

Wooden Floor Vases Wooden home decor has gone a step forward with wooden floor vases. The tall wooden vases are perfect for dried arrangements and fresh flowers. Not only this, this wooden decorative makes a great filling for empty nooks and corners of any room.

Wooden Vase Bowls
Sometimes special wooden bowls are made that are used as vases. They are preferred as a table centerpiece for placing dried flowers for decorating. However, these vases can hold anything that match the size of the bowl.

Wooden Wall Vase Wooden Wall Vases
Wooden Wall Vase Vases are also made as a fine piece of wall decor. In fact, wood helps in giving a more natural appearance, as well as depth. Sometimes they are made large like wooden planters and can be used for decorating real or artificial flowers or greenery on stairway, hallway and even in living rooms. These wooden wall vases are available in a variety of traditional or contemporary styles.

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