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Wooden Music Box

Wooden musical boxes are a fantastic gift for any anyone, be it a child or an adult, for any occasion. They are constructed in such a way they are not only decorative and colorful, which makes them fine decorative pieces in a room but also bring music to your ears as and when required. They are classical household decorative item and also a treasured gift. They are considered as a great collector's item for all ages. Children's style incorporate colorful characters or twirling ballerina figurines while adult style feature beautiful wood finishes or artistic inlaid designs.

Wooden Musical Box Elements

Wooden Musical box
Wooden Music Box
  • A wooden music box contains the ratchet lever or the windup key which is used to put the spring motor under tension, that is to wind it up.

  • There is a comb which is a flat piece of metal with dozens or even hundreds of tuned teeth of different lengths.

  • There is a bedpan which is the relatively heavy metal foundation on which all the other pieces are fastened, usually by screws.

  • Spring motor that can give anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more of playing time.

  • The cylinder and the disc which are basically the programming object.

  • How does Wooden Music Box Operate? All wooden musical boxes have the box inside which there is an automatic musical instrument that produces sounds by the use of a set of pins placed on a revolving disc or cylinder so as to strike the tuned teeth of a steel comb. Once the key of the box is revolved, the set of pins start striking which leads to producing of sounds. In some cases, a recorded music cassette is placed inside the box which keeps on playing recorded music with the turning of the key. In addition to a metal comb , sometimes some boxes may also contain small bells and tiny drum.

    Wooden Music Box

    Wooden Music Boxes Manufacturers and Suppliers We cater to the need of wholesale wooden music boxes through our vast directory of music box manufacturers and suppliers. Fill up this simple enquiry form to place your music box requirement and get competitive quotes from pre verified wood music boxes manufacturers and suppliers

    Wooden Music Box Designs Wooden music boxes are made out of wood and painted in lively complementary and contrasting colors making them stimulating to look at. The boxes are magnetic and this causes the two figures on top of each box to dance to the rhythm of soft and relaxing music when it is winded up. Wind up the box underneath, pop the little figures on the top and they dance around to the music. You can watch the figures dance, spin and turn around and around to the light and happy tune. In some cases, the figures are seen on opening the boxes. An important feature of these boxed is that they can be used as jewelry boxes as well.

    “Wooden musical boxes” are enchanting collectibles. They are meticulously hand crafted having flowered designs impressed with paintings and lacquer. They are very charming and wonderful romantic gifts. They create memories for lifetime. They came in various size and shapes either: Heart – shape , Round, Rectangular, Octagon

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