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Wood Cabinet

What is a cabinet ? Cabinets are the storage places and they create functional space throughout the office and home. They are elegant indoor solutions that provide neat spaces inside one's room.

Wooden Cabinets Wood oozes out the beauty to cabinets. Wooden cabinets reflects the distinctive look. They are carefully assembled to exact specifications and are hand crafted. Wood cabinets are elegant storing places which are available in myriad selection of door style, finish and decorative enhancement. They adequately allow to customize home or offices. They are the places which help in storing space. The elegance and grace of any room is increased manifold by the use of wooden cabinets.

Wooden cabinet is such a form of wooden furniture that has been cast into endless kind of styles and shapes. The wooden cabinets are used in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and in any other room. They are decorative and create storage space. They are closed spaces which help the room be clean and elegant. In bathroom, they are beautifully and fantastically designed. It adds elegance as well as comfort.

Wooden Cabinets are architect's best friend The wooden cabinets do not occupy space by themselves but create space. They are essential commodity of life. They are made up of different types of hard wood and they are
  • Cherry - It is a premium hardwood and characterized by a distinctive and subtle grain pattern, the presence of sap marks, or slight dark inclusions in the surface, and a reddish color.
  • Maple - It is a hard and durable wood that tends to have very little grain definition. It is a popular wood for cabinet construction and it results in a pleasant appearance.
  • Red oak - It is a versatile hardwood that is reddish in color. It is very popular for cabinet construction because it wears well and is reasonably priced.
  • Mahogany - It is durable and brown in color. This is expensive wood therefore only a limited number of cabinets are ordered. Etc.

Wooden Cabinet

Categories of Wood Cabinets
  • Wooden File Cabinets: They can be casted and transformed into various shapes such as flat, lateral, vertical, assorted etc. They are snappily used in office, home, or anywhere that need storage space. They are must for any business plan as it is useful in collecting file tax documents, invoices, customer orders and other important papers related to the business. They are now available in variety of coeval design and finishes.
  • Wooden Kitchen Cabinets: To make your kitchen keen and exquisite these ones are the best option. As kitchen is a very important and essential part of home therefore wooden cabinets help in designing kitchen. It makes everyday experience more pleasant. It can undergo any of the treatment. They do not cause any injury or pierce skin. It adds a lot of utility in kitchen.
  • Wooden Storage Cabinets: They help in storing a large number of CD's and DVD's. They are ideal for storing items of various sizes. Anything can be conveniently stored either paper documents, files, folders or any electronic item. They help in adding décor to room. They are known for their versatility. Now a days , they came in various design with more beautiful and attractive colors and elegance. Designing of storage cabinet depends on the storage space particular person wants in them. They have a large longevity period and ideal for homes and offices.
  • Wooden TV Cabinets - They are used to store electronic items like TV sets , speakers , CD players or DVD players. Oak, cedar, teak, ebony, mahogany are some of wood used in making these cabinets. They are durable and sturdy. They help in protecting electronic gadgets from dust and accidental careless handling.
  • Wooden Bathroom Cabinets - These cabinets have shelves to store items like canned goods, cleaning supplies, towels and toiletries. To enhance its look more emphasis is done in its construction , type of finish , door style or panel style. They came in many style and colors. They blends attractively with interiors. They are basically designed for space saving storage.
  • Wooden CD Cabinets - They are lightweight. They have adjustable shelves and have infinite capacity to store audio , video tape formats , CD's , Dvd's. They have no limit for design , are flexible and versatile. They are functional as well as visual appealing.
Wooden Cabinet Finishes In earlier days , natural wood cabinets are used. Now a days , a top coat is coated to transform an unfinished furnace into an furnished furnace. Applying finishes give a more beautiful look. There are different ways to finish wooden cabinets and they are :
  • Stain - It is a great way to add color to wood without ruining the beauty of wood. It helps in protecting your wood and over stain a finishing coat is also applied. It helps in choosing the shininess you want to be there in the cabinet.
  • Glaze - It can be applied initially also or over a base paint or stain. It can be tinted with any color. To give a unique and attractive look contrast the color of wood with the color of glaze.
  • Paint - It has an enormous range of colors. It will be effective and beneficial if you want a smooth, glossy, sanded or textured finish. It can create an array of special effects.
  • Polyester - It creates a more solid look feel as it it fills the pores of the door fully. It brings durability and quality to automobiles. To give extra protection , they are used on modern style cabinets. It can be applied in a glossy or matte finish . It is often a more expensive task.
Buying tips considered before purchasing wood cabinet While selecting wooden cabinets pay your attention in following areas:
  • Storage options
  • Door styles of cabinet
  • Design of cabinet
  • About cabinet finishes, hardware and materials
  • Which wood to be used while making cabinet
  • Storage options
  • Performance and price comparison between various wood finish, materials
  • Analyzing popular and latest layouts of cabinets

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