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Wooden Cigar Box

Cigar Box For most of the men who are fond of smoking, cigars are symbolic of their status and a different class of style. Cigar boxes, as the name suggest, are used for storing cigars in style. The term "cigar boxes" which draws picture of rectangular wooden boxes, have different meaning for different people. A cigar box can be a collectors item, a supply for craft projects popular as cigar box crafts and so on. Wood is by far the most popular material for making cigar boxes. Use of cigars by many has resulted into lucrative business for wooden cigar box manufacturers who fabricate standard, custom as well as decorative cigar boxes. These boxes are manufactured in variety of designs, styles and shapes. They are used in both formal as well as informal occasions. The appearance of cigar box becomes splendid and magnificent due to the rich artwork done with the help of wood carving. These carvings are done either at center or corners of wood cigar boxes.

Importance of Wooden Cigar Box As opposed to a cigarette holder which is usually a cardboard box and is thrown away as soon as its contents are used up, a cigar box- especially wooden cigar boxes- are kept by the user for different purposes. There are many other reasons that lend importance to cigar boxes:
  • Cigars have to be properly cared for so that they may not dry out. Cigar box humidifiers are thus used by many people. However, this task can be done also through the right cigar box instead of a humidor. If made with the right technique and wood type, cigar boxes can be equipped to control the climate and therefore make them capable of acting like humidors.
  • A cigar boxes are also great gifts for cigar admirers.
  • A decorative cigar box is a great collectors items. In fact, many people love to collect antique cigar boxes. Some of these people who collect vintage cigar boxes don't even smoke cigars but collect the boxes due to their sheer beauty.

Types of Wood for Cigar Boxes Cigar box manufacturers make different types of wooden boxes used for storing cigars. There can be various differences in designs and styles of cigar boxes as well as the types of wood used for making wooden cigar boxes. Some of the popular types of wood used for making cigar boxes include :
Wooden Cigar Boxes
Wooden Cigar Boxes
  • Redwood: This wood type is light in weight, durable and easy to work with. Redwood has a natural resistance to decay. Therefore, the manufacturers who make cigar boxes with the purpose of providing decorative cigar boxes to collectors use redwood.
  • Cedar: Cedar wood type has a fresh sweet odor and is reddish in color. It is also easy to work with apart from being uniform in texture and resistant to decay. As cigars are liked for their aroma, cigar boxes made of cedar wood is preferred by many cigar lovers as it lends a sweet fragrance to their stored cigars in this wooden box.
  • Spruce: It is strong and hard wood. It also finishes well and has low resistance to decay. Spruce wood type has moderate shrinkage and is light in weight. Therefore, people who carry their cigars everywhere with them like to buy cigar boxes made with spruce wood.
  • Mahogany: This wood type is finely grained and reddish brown in color. Mahogany wood is also very durable and resists swelling, shrinking, and warping. Therefore, cigar boxes made of Mahogany is for those people who wish to preserve these boxes for a longer duration of time.
  • Oak: It is strong wood with good bending qualities. Oak wood is also durable and finishes well as well as resists moisture absorption. People who don't want to carry an extra cigar box humidor or humidifier like to buy oak cigar boxes.
  • Teak: It is durable and hard wood. It resists warping, cracking and decay and also resists moisture as well as rot. So teak wood cigar boxes are also a collectors' favorite.
  • Walnut: It is type of wood which is fine textured, strong, and easy to work with. It resists shrinking and warping and finishes well and therefore apt for making durable cigar boxes.
Cigar Boxes Production Process Wooden cigar boxes are the easiest and most comfortable item to be built by anyone. They are hand crafted by using finest plywood and wood. Wooden cigar boxes are durable and light weighted. As far as production process of cigar boxes is concerned, wooden pieces are first properly cut to provide a frame. Then these pieces are assembled. Joints are glued using corner block construction. Corners are reinforced for providing greater strength. All edges are rounded and then covered with a special coating which is dirt and water resistant. Finally, they are finished with an industrial waterproof clear finish. Wooden Cigar boxes are either available in natural finish or other popular wood finishes like shellac, varnishing, linseed oil etc. The standard dimension of wooden cigar boxes is 18.4 x 13.3 x 6.35 cm (7.25 x 5.25 x 2.5 in).

Cigar Box Designs There are many different types of wooden cigar box shapes, textures, colors, and designs. Some of the popular cigar box designs include:
  • Domed lid wooden cases for storing cigars
  • Cardboard cigar boxes
  • Decorative cigar boxes with carvings and engravings
  • Cigar Box Purses

Whatever be the design of cigar boxes, they are treated with a variety of alien finishes that also add value to the cigar accessory. They are packed in a very artistic and elegant manner. One can get name initials or personal quotes etched on the surface of custom cigar boxes. Many a times, some of the cigar boxes seem to be of small size but they are quite spacious and can hold up to 8 to 10 cigar sticks in a very organized way. There are large sized cigar boxes too which can store up to 250 and more cigarettes.

Cigar Box Purses
Cigar Box Purses
Cigar Box Uses Cigar boxes are absolutely necessary in order to store cigars. Among all types of cigar boxes, wooden cigar boxes become very essential, if someone does not want cigars to store in a humidifier or humidor. If chosen correctly, decorative wooden cigar boxes can give an elegant touch to every room. Besides protecting the quality and the freshness of cigars, cigar boxes can blend with the furniture without revealing their contents. A tightly packed wooden box can keep in all the aroma, freshness, pungency of the cigars, and protect them from dust, moisture and stray hands. Wooden cigar boxes are always preferred because they give the cigar experience a very earthy, sensual, and antique mood.

Wooden Cigar Boxes: Perfect Gift for Men of All Ages Wooden cigar boxes are a perfect match for keepsake, besides an excellent piece of memorandum that can be gifted on special occasions for special people. These boxes also serve to protect the cigars from high levels of moisture and precipitation in the air. They are available in shiny as well as dark finishes. It is like an wooden ornamental accessory that will give a touch of class and style.

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