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Wooden CD Rack

What is a rack ? As the name suggests, they are pieces of furniture carved out and used to store items. They come in various shapes and sizes. They are prominent and spectacular. Wooden racks are carved elegantly out of the finest hardwood. Then they are finished and polished. They have fantastic design and brilliantly carved. They are extended and serve other purposes such as to store accessories and computers in them. They look simple as well as aesthetic.

What is a CD rack ? CD racks come in a variety of size, style and prices. They provide storage as well as organize CD's. They are necessity of life. They are fabricated in such a way that they can store DVDs also. They are ideal for music lovers who can systematically keep their collection and take them out as and when required.

About wooden CD racks
Wooden CD Rack Best part of wooden CD racks is there appealing feature. They are one's utility and substitute, also look attractive and beautiful. To preserve the bequest of our future generations they are like the treasures. They are made and crafted by skilled and hardworking craftsmen. They are personnel as well as specialized in there respective fields.

They are popular in ancient days and in modern era also. They are durable, came at reasonable prices and provide their long length of service. They are considered as "mesh of traditionalism and modernity".

They are intricately carved and available in variety of wooden range and colors that has various slots and holder. They can be customized further if needed. Wooden CD racks are simple as well as classic. They are available in a variety of dimensions to fit your space. They look very appealing and attractive.

Types of Wood
Types of wood used in making of Wooden CD racks are
  • Oak: It is an exclusive variety of hardwood. It is durable and possesses good bending qualities. It resists moisture absorption and finishes well.
  • Redwood: It is light in weight therefore are durable and easy to work with. It has a natural resistance to decay and is good for making furniture.
  • Mahogany: It is is finely grained and has a reddish brown color. It resists swelling, shrinking and warping.
Manufacturing Areas
Wooden CD racks are made in several parts of India especially Rajasthan, Saharanpur In uttar pradesh. They are also made in South East Asia. They need very fine and textured wood to be carved.

Manufacturing process
  • Solid wood frame preparation: In this phase wood is exactly cut to provide a solid frame for CD rack.
  • Wood Assembly: The wooden cut-outs are assembled to construct the initial shape of CD rack.
  • Final Production Step: A thorough inspection is performed by the supervising staff. Finishing is given to the CD racks.

Some Tips for CDs and DVDs Longevity are
  • The wooden CD racks should be designed should be designed in such a way that they are basically designed to help you preserve the quality of your media library by providing organized space for vertically storing discs.
  • Vertical storage of CD's and DVD's is generally preferred by media experts.
  • Damage to CDs from horizontal storage is minimal and rare due to the lightness of the discs and the protection of cases.

Some Tips for Choosing Storage Capacity are
  • Consider largest media storage unit that your space can accommodate.
  • CD and DVD collections are constantly expanding, so going a bit bigger will leave room for your library to grow.
  • Prefer adjustable shelves media storage that can accommodate various combinations of CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes.
  • Racks come in many styles and finishes so prefer to choose something which can conveniently store and preserve your media library and also compliment your room's décor.

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