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Wood Kitchen Accessories

Wood Kitchen AccessoriesKitchen accessories are graceful, refined and elegant interior of the kitchen. They add style and class. They are durable and yet gentle on all surfaces, either on a sticky surface or non sticky surface. They help in adding longevity to cookware items also.

"Wooden kitchen accessories" due to their characteristics like lightweight , elegant and fine finish are front-runners and favorite in the kitchen. Wooden accessories are also healthier when compared with their steel and plastic counterparts because bacteria simply thrive on metal and plastic.

Types of Wood Kitchen Accessories Following kitchen tools and utensils are mostly made with wood apart from other raw materials:

Types of Wood Used for Kitchen Accessories It is a recognition that “ Elegance and beauty of wooden work can't be replaced by anything”. The kitchen accessories are adorned with various inlayed carvings such as lace work , painting etc. They are made from various types of wood.

Maple wood is strong and hard. It has moderate shrinkage and machines well. It is available in fine textures. It is best used for making wooden kitchen accessories.

Walnut Walnut wood resists shrinking and warping. It finishes well. It is fine textured, strong and easy to work. Therefore it can be used for making wood kitchen accessories requiring fine details such as wooden forks and salad hands.

Shesham/ Indian Rosewood
Sheesham or Indian rosewood is a rich medium brown wood with deep grains. It is a part of the rosewood family. The wood variety is highly durable, easily carved and is exclusively used for making kitchen accessories , almirahs and cabinets.

Wood kitchen accessories are not very expensive. They are also available in various online stores . Wood kitchen tools and utensils give your kitchen an ethnic, lovely and attractive look. They are crafted and made in finest wood therefore there beauty also remains forever.

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Types of Wood Finishes for Kitchen Accessories
Wood Kitchen Accessories
Wooden Kitchen Accessories
All wooden kitchen accessories are given wood finishes which are clear, protective coatings applied on the surface of wood. Wood finish provides durability to wood kitchen tools and utensils. It also adds sheen to the finished product. Wood kitchen accessories are given both the types of finishes- high gloss as well as semi gloss. High gloss is the shiniest sheen used for wood kitchen tools and utensils . It is durable as well as washable. It is used to accent surfaces. Semi-gloss finishing is less shiny sheen used but it is also durable and washable too.

Based upon the surface which is finished, there are two basic types of wood finishing products- on the wood (varnishes, shellac, wax etc.) and in the wood (tung oil, mineral oil, etc.)

Shellac is a natural resin. It has an alcohol base and gives a dark finish. It dries very fast and is less likely to collect dust. It is available in two forms - flaked and liquid. Both should be mixed with alcohol to acquire a thin consistency. Shellac is a fairly durable finish, but not as durable as lacquer or varnish. However, because shellac is a non toxic wood finish, it is good for such kitchen utensils like wooden bowls and trays which directly come into contact with food for a long time.

It is one of the most durable finishes. The level of protection increases with each additional coat of varnish. It acts as a smooth, glossy finish. Varnish is usually combined with polyurethane for extended durability and protectiveness of the finish. It is therefore used for finishing the outside surface of the wood utensils and are preferred for decorative wood kitchen accessories.

It is one of the darker wood finishes. It is flexible, durable, and easy to maintain. Regular lacquer dries very quickly, and spray guns can be used to finish with lacquer. Due to this convienience of finishing with this medium, accessories like wooden forks and salad hands having more cuts can be easily given a lacquer finish.

Oil Finish
There are many types of oil finishes that are used for wood kitchen tools and accessories. Mineral oil is one of the best choices for oil finish. It can be wiped or brushed on and allowed to soak in the wood. Several coats may be applied and the excess can be easily wiped off. Even a gentle buffing of mineral oil gives a soft sheen to the wood utensils. Raw linseed oil is also used for finishing wood kitchen accessories. However, boiled linseed oil is better to be avoided as it has added chemicals that should not come in contact with food. Raw linseed oil also has a slight yellow color that enhances the look of some woods used for making kitchen tools and utensils. Pure tung oil and pure walnut oil are also used for giving non-toxic finishes to wood kitchen accessories.

Oils used to fininsh the wood kitchen accessories have an additional advantage too. They can be renewed by just applying more oil to the wood product. No sanding or removal of the old finish is required for this. Applying a new coat and allowing to dry it for 15 minutes or so can give the wood kitchen accessories a whole new look.

Wood Kitchen Accessories Manufacturing in India Wooden kitchen accessories maufacturers can be found in different areas, especially in the Indian states of Orissa , Gujarat , Rajasthan , West bengal , Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh.

Browse through the extensive directory of Wood Kitchen Accessories Manufacturers & Exporters to find reliable suppliers of wood kitchen accessories. If having bulk requirement, you can fill up this simple enquiry form to get quotes from pre verified kitchen accessories manufacturers and suppliers!

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