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Wooden Wine Rack

Wine racks have been in use since a long period of time and wood has been accepted as the best material for manufacturing racks. As the process of making wine has bettered dramatically, designs of wine racks have also developed along with wine to make wine storage as functional and convenient as possible. Changes in designs, finishes, materials, construction have all added to the wide variety of wine racks available today.

Wood used for wine racks :
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Pine
  • Cherry
  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Sheesham etc.

Designs of wine racks Wooden Wine Rack There are wide and varied designs available on the wine racks. Some of them are normal square or rectangular shaped with few shelves. Some are available in triangular shape. Some have criss-cross designs. One of the most popular design is the Indonesian design, which looks more like a movement of waves and the bottles are put in the alternate crests and troughs of the imagined wave.

Wine racks include a wide range of styles from classical to contemporary. The wooden wine racks are given different finishes like polish, veneer, shellac, lacquer, paint, oiling and other finishes. Some wine racks are also available with a work surface and compartment for storage. There are wine racks that sit as a sideboard and racks that hang from the ceiling and wall. Some wooden racks are available in mix and match compounding like metal frames with wooden and glass shelves, wooden frame with glass shelves and so on.

Wooden Wine Rack
Wooden Wine Rack

There are many different designs of wine racks which can add an additional look of your bar corner. Wine bottle racks are beautiful, strong and suitable for any type of wine storage space. The wooden racks come in numerous shapes and sizes. As the name signifies, wooden racks are pieces of furniture carved out of wood that is used to store.

Applications : Besides being classic and aesthetic, wooden wine racks provide the best conditions for wine storage. Strong, space-efficient, accessible, wooden wine racks comes with a sharp, clean look for restaurants and serious collectors. The everlasting appearance of these racks creates an effect of high quality and re-fineness that allows having sense of quality of the product. These racks are keen and graceful expression of outstanding craftsmen.

Wooden wine racks are well planned and figure out at least two wine storage disputes. Wine rack must be suitably located to store the wine. The design and number of stall is decided by factors like how many bottles and how long the wine is going to be stored.

The wooden racks are made by competent craftsmen. They are very skilled and particularize in making wooden racks. They have a magnificent tradition of making wooden racks. Graceful wooden racks are always very popular or trendy.

The wooden racks are often carved in a brilliant style. They have awesome design and are brightly planned. The wooden racks are carved with extreme care and are simple and artistic at the same time. Wooden wine racks come in unbelievable variety, some designed to exhibit a single bottle and some to store hundreds of bottles. These can be projected in various ways such as follows:
  • Table top wine racks
  • Floor wine racks
  • Hanging wine racks
  • Basement wine racks etc.
Wooden wine racks can also serve as a piece of furniture and are a convenient way to serve up cheese or other snacks with the wine.

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