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Wood Jewelry Box

What are jewelry boxes ?
Wood Jewelry Box Jewelry boxes are like containers used for storing jewelry, trinkets, bangles and other fashion accessories. They came in various shapes and sizes. They are durable as well as attractive. They are available in various color finishes and interiors. They make great gifts for special occasions such as anniversaries, valentine's day etc. There are different types of of jewelry boxes from the lighthearted styles meant for little girls to exceptionally handcrafted jewelry cases. They are made up of different materials like wood , silver , aluminum , glass , bamboo , brass , wrought iron and stone. However, wooden jewelry boxes are very popular.

Wooden jewelry boxes
They are the largest jewelry boxes known. They are like treasures for women and are very popular as gift items for women. They are also considered as family heritage which is passed on through generation to generation. They provide ample storage for earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. They are adorned to enhance their appeal and beauty. They are just not used to store valuable jewelry but also to preserve delicate as well as expensive treasures. Wooden jewelry boxes look charming as well as wonderful . They seem to be very romantic gifts for any occasion. They are also used as decorative pieces for the interiors.

Various categories in wooden jewelry boxes

  • Fabric jewelry boxes: These are wooden boxes with fabric upholstery. They are mostly and finely lined up with satin and velvet. They are popular gifts for bridesmaids or younger women. They are becoming more popular and famous now a days. They look lovely and attractive. They come in a variety of colors and decorative beading is done on the outside.

  • Leather jewelry boxes : These are wooden boxes with leather covering. They are the boxes which can also be used by men and popularly called as “ valets”. They are wrapped in leather and may be a single layer tray with compartments or two layers with a lid. They basically hold cuff links and watches.

  • Travel jewelry boxes: These type of boxes are especially designed to assure that jewelry is secure and put in an organized way. They have compartments which either touch inside of lid or outside with the slide. They are designed in such a way that there is a large compartment also for storing large necklace or something and smaller sections for earrings , rings , anklets or bracelets.

  • Children's jewelry boxes: They are especially designed for children and are inexpensive. They lay emphasis on the box instead of their contents. They mostly have a musical tone playing while opening the box. They have bright colors and fabric which is inlayed in box. They are mostly lined up with satin rather than velvet. It comprises of various small small compartments and mirror.

Popularity of wooden jewelry boxes
“ Wooden jewelry boxes” are beautifully carved out of wood. They are like envelopment and enclosure for jewelry. Intricate carvings done by hammered metal or brass are inlayed on these boxes. They are aesthetically and elegantly crafted by skilled and hard working craftsmen. They are very smooth and finely finished. They are available in variety of shapes such as Round , Rectangular , Oval , Heart , Circular , Octagon , Square .

They are durable as well as functional. They not only protect jewelry but are excellent and fantabulous gift items. Jewelry boxes represent perfect gifts for both men and women for any occasions . They are divided into compartments and also contain brass hooks, knobs and handles. From costume pieces to fine jewels, jewelry boxes are used to store all types of jewelry. They serve as very exclusive and stylish enclosures for jewelry. They are sanded to perfection and are beautifully stained and protected with a shiny clear coat. They are artistically hand crafted and embedded with semi precious stones at times.

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