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Wooden Book Rack

What is a book rack ?
A book rack is a small desk top book case. It is also recommended as "book shelf or book seat" which is the ideal solution for the storage of books which are frequently in use. They are emphasized with real wood, and matches any interior as there look is elegant, luxurious and soothing.

"Wooden Book Racks" provide a swish way to store magazines, pamphlets or brochures. They are also used as display racks for magazines and act as newspaper stands. They are made into extensions that serve various useful purposes. They play an important role in not just helping in systematically maintaining the book collection but also play a pivotal role in enhancing the looks of the interior.


Wooden book racks are available in a variety of woods and colors. They have various slots and holders. Many of the book racks also have adjustable slots that make them versatile media racks. The design of the book shelf varies, depending upon the size of the collection of books, magazines newspaper etc. They came in variety of artistic designs. Infact , to make book shelves more appealing and elegant, metals are used which include wrought iron.

he wooden book racks are made by skilled craftsmen. It has led to use of unique artistic and cultural flairs. They look very elegant and can also be simple and aesthetic at same time. They came in various shapes and sizes. Mostly , the standard size for shelves are 440mm long, 200 mm high and 200mm deep. They are carefully designed to accommodate a range of book sizes from small paperbacks to larger hardbacks.

Wooden Book Rack Wooden book racks are carefully hand finished and polished using natural oils. Types of wood used in making wooden book racks are :
  • Oak - It is an exclusive variety of hardwood, and possesses good bending qualities in addition to its durability. It finishes well and resists moisture absorption.
  • Ash - It is a wood variety with uniform texture
  • Cherry - It is being close-grained, this type of hardwood resists warping and shrinking
  • Sycamore - It is a strong wood variety that finishes well and has low resistance to decay
  • Beech - It has immense hardness and strength
  • Elm - It is a finely textured hardwood
  • Mahogany - It is finely grained and has a reddish brown color. They are highly durable, and mahogany resists swelling, hrinking and warping etc.

Manufacturing process
  • Wood cutting: It is the first step in the manufacturing process and in this step wood is properly cut to provide a frame for it. A good quality wood is chosen to make the frame.
  • Wood assembly: The wooden cut-outs are assembled to construct the initial shape of book shelve
  • Finishing manufacturing process: For a luxurious , elegant and attractive style finishing is provided in book racks. Most book racks are painted. Some are polished or varnished or some are kept in the natural wood color.

Manufacturing areas
The wooden book racks are made in several parts of India and the South East Asia where there are tropical evergreen forests. Some areas like Rajasthan, Jodhpur and Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh are famous for their wooden book shelves. They need hardwood from which it is carved.

Why wooden book racks ?
Wooden Book Rack They are innovatively designed to meet the specific requirements of person. They are easy to keep, maintain & move, this rack is apt to be used by anyone and everyone. They evoke a warm, gracious atmosphere in residential and commercial interiors. They create a living environment that is uniquely elegant today and for decades to come.Wooden book racks serve the utility by being an efficient storage space for books. Now a days, modern wooden book racks have computers and other accessories in them. They are made of the finest wood. Wooden book racks are treasures that one has to maintain in order to preserve the legacy for future generations.

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