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Wooden Drawers

What is drawer ? It is a piece of furniture that is most often shaped as a short, wide topless box . They are used for storage. Many drawers have pulls, handles, or knobs to facilitate pulling them out from that which encloses them. Most older or inexpensive furniture and cabinets use wooden sliders upon which the drawer slides are there as it is opened or closed.

"Wooden drawers" , popularly known as chest of drawers or wooden drawer chests basically have three main principles :

  • They should be designed practically as they prove quality storage. As the main feature of them is storage.
  • They should be convenient in opening and closing. They should highlight the décor of the room.
  • The design of the chest of drawers should be unique. Wood used should be actual and pure .
Wooden Drawers

Types of wood Types of wood used in making of chest of drawers are
  • Cedar: It is reddish in color. It has sweet odor. It is uniform in texture and resistant to decay. Cedar is extensively used in chest making, closet lining, shingles, posts, dock planks, novelties and Venetian blinds.
  • Oak: In addition to its durability it possess good bending qualities. It resists moisture absorption. This hardwood is good for making wooden furniture like chest of drawers, corners etc
  • Pine: It possesses a uniform texture and is very easy to work with. It finishes well and resists shrinkage, swelling and warping. The wood variety is widely used in making furniture, house construction, paneling, furniture, molding and for making boxes etc.

Types of wooden chest of drawers They are used to store items either household things or contain official items. They can be either :
  • 5-drawer chest of drawer
  • 4-drawer chest of drawer
  • Slim chest of drawers
  • 3-drawer chest
  • multi drawer chest

" Wooden chest of drawer" is also known as dresser or bureau, an excellent piece of furniture which has multiple parallel, horizontal drawers stacked one above each other. It is a term used for many types of furniture designs that contain one or more rows of drawers used for storing clothes or other personal items. It is commonly made of wood and has minimum of three to six large drawers with a smaller top drawer that might be split or solid.

Manufacturing process
  • Wood Cutting: It is the initial step and in this step wood is accurately cut to provide a frame for drawers or chest of drawers.
  • Wood Assembly: In this step , wooden cut-outs are assembled to fabricate initial shape of the wooden drawers.
  • Final Production Step: It is the last step in which finishing is given to the manufactured product.

Designs and finishes Wooden drawers are useful for residential as well as commercial purposes. They are utility drawers helpful to keep belongings safely. Made from best quality wood, these drawers are very spacious. They are available in various sizes and styles. They are painted or polished. Polishing can be veneer, shellac, oil or stained. They are also offered with enchanting floral designs. Wooden drawers are handcrafted from a large variety of exotic woods, and they are designed for both home and commercial uses. The choices range from vibrant colors to soft hues, from simple styles to the most intricate artwork are seen in these drawers.

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