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Wooden Trays

Wooden traysWooden trays have been one of the very useful kitchen accessories. They are not only used for carrying and serving various food items but also to keep many smaller articles organized at one place. Traditional wooden trays usually have a flat surface with raised edges to stop things from sliding off. Wooden trays with handles or without handles are equally popular. In spite of the availability of trays in varied materials like metal, steel, plastic etc., wooden trays are most sought after perhaps due to their beautiful appearance.

Wooden Serving Tray Wooden Serving Tray Serving trays are the most common and popular trays ever. They come in almost all shapes one can imagine. Most of the time, they have cutout handles for ease of transport. Some of them are flatware and others have deeper interiors surrounded with raised edges. They are used in homes, offices and restaurants for serving foods, drinks and other edibles. They also come in sets of 3 to 10 and even more pieces of different sizes. Some of the trays are accompanied with matching wooden bowls to serve the guests in style.

Wooden Trays for Ottomans Wooden Trays for OttomansOttomans are multi functional furniture without arms or a backrest and can, therefore, be substituted for other furniture types easily. They can be used as sofa, divans, seats, stools, storage furniture and tables. Innovative wooden trays for ottoman are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used as an extra seat or a footrest for relaxing. Its top can be flipped over and used as tray for serving. When not used as tray, it can be used to store blankets, toys, magazines etc. in its roomy interior.

Wooden Cutlery Tray Wooden Cutlery Tray The solid wood cutlery tray have many sections to keep the kitchen drawers organized and orderly. Kitchen accessories like forks and spoons can be kept nicely in them. Most of them have extra-large section for over-sized utensils such as chef's knives and serving pieces. These trays can also be used to store and organize other items such as cosmetics, toiletries, hair ornaments, tools, arts & crafts materials, and office supplies. These wood cutlery trays can even be stacked in deeper drawers to maximize drawer space.

Wooden Tray Tables Wooden Tray Tables Trays have also gone contemporary and are now available for multipurpose usage. There are tray tables that are basically wooden coffee tables on which breakfast can be served right on bed. Some of them even come with removable serving trays. Then there are the oversized reversible serving trays that double as convenient wooden table and give a desk surface to place any thing on them.

Cheese Slicer Serving Tray Wooden Cutlery Tray In this innovative model, a wire cheese slicer board is combined with a larger tray area to put more cheese, crackers, fruit etc. to serve with the cheese. Some of them are made of beechwood and have built-in recessed tray for serving food items. Some others have a round piece of marble in the center. It keeps the cheese cool so that it doesn't get oily-looking. If looking for decorative serving trays, buy Decorative Wooden Trays online

Related Articles Different Types of Wooden Trays Wooden tray manufacturers make various types of wood trays and that too in bulk. There are serving trays, food tray, wooden tray tables, wooden trays for ottomans, wooden cutlery tray etc. However all these types of trays are made, sold, and bought as wholesale wooden trays as opposed to the hand made wood trays that are single piece created by craftsmen. Apart from these utility trays there are wooden trays for decoration too. Here we give brief description about the most popular types of wooden trays.

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