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Wooden Armoire Designs!
10 Oct 2011-Wooden armoire or wooden almirah is one of the furniture without which a home is incomplete. You require these armoires in various forms for different purposes...

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Wooden Armoire/Almirah

Wooden Armoire or Wooden Almirah is a brilliant combination of the old charm, artistic sense and utility. Along with being one of the most widely used wood furniture, a wooden almirah is also counted amongst the most popular handicraft products.

As the name resembles, wooden almirahs readily bring away an image of an antique wood furniture- may be a storage space in the kitchen, in bedroom, study room or in the office spaces. The Indian wooden almirah manufacturers are also one of the biggest wooden almirahs exporters in the category of India's handicraft exports. The wooden armoire is an exquisite product in its own right.

What is an Armoire/ Almirah ? An armoire is a tall cupboard with shelving, which stands alone as opposed to being built into the wall, making it easy to reposition when redecorating. If a cupboard has no shelving but contains a rod for hanging long items of clothing, it is more likely to be called a wardrobe. Armoires might be used to hold plates and cups, non-perishable food items - in which case it might also be called a pantry - or clothing folded to lie flat.

Wooden Armoire
Wood Armoire
Almirah is "An Anglo-Indian term for a mobile wardrobe, cabinet or cupboard. " "Armoire" is the French term for the same piece of furniture- a tall cupboard having shelves. In the United States, there is no specific term which can exactly describe an armoire or an almirah but the term "wardrobe" can be taken to mean an armoire or almirah to an extent. However, a typical wardrobe has no shelving but has a rod for hanging long items of clothing.

An armoire or an almirah is ideally used to store utility items in the household and can be made of wood, silver, wrought iron, brass and other metals as well as glass etc. Elegant almirahs are built with strong symbolic reverberance creating an enchanting glory. Inlay worked almirahs are bigger in size and give a delicate appearance. Most of such wooden almirah designs are created with delicate wood carving. Sometimes, they contain some foreing influence too along with the typical Indian craft patterns auch as Persian influence. The decorative work which is done on the wooden almirah resembles to some particular culture, region and the time period in history or can be just like other old crafts.

Wood Almirah Design Wooden almirahs are a brilliant mix of the imperial appeal and utility. It needs hardwood from which it is carved. They are a place where one holds important holdings and therefore it has to be safe and secure. They give a very elegant and delightful appearance. Wooden almirah are beautifully carved with well-contoured lines and exhibit superb Indian workmanship. They are mostly crafted in traditional and ethnic styles. They are the specimens of artistic excellence of India.

Wooden Almirah

Wooden Almirah Designs

Almirah's look ravishing and they may have single or double door or may contain many doors. They are either carved or painted or inlayed with some metal such as copper or brass. Some almirah's even have glass or lattice work doors. Even the modern day almirah or the cupboard are influenced by antique almirahs. They can be shelved or may have hanging space along with the shelves. In most cases people opt for antique almirahs made of teak or sheesam. Antique almirahs have a distinct look which is not seen in regular, modern almirahs.

If you are looking for wholesale wooden armoire with regular or exclusive designs, you can get quotes from reliable and pre verified wooden armoire manufacturers, suppliers and exporters just by filling up this simple enquiry form!

Types of Woods for Armoire
Wooden Armoire Design
Wooden Armoire Design
Types of wood used for making a wood armoire or a wooden almirah can be either of the following :

  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Rosewood
  • Teak
  • Shesham
  • Pine
  • Hemlock
  • Mangowood
  • Redwood

  • The teak almirahs are inlayed with marble, bone or brass. They are accompanied by fine carving and latticework. Wooden almirahs are specimens of artistic excellence of India. They are decorated with intricate carvings in attractive styles and designs adding to the magnificent charm of the rooms in both homes and offices.

    Manufacturing Process of Wooden Almirah
    • Wood Cutting: In this step the wood is precisely cut to provide the framing for armoire or almirah.
    • Wood Assembly: The wooden cut-outs are assembled to construct the initial shape of the armoire.
    • Finishing Manufacturing Process: After assembling of parts, finishing touch is given to almirah. Wooden almirahs can be painted or polished. The wood finishes are of various types like veneer finish, oak finish or mahogany finish or at times a people opt for natural finish as the wood color. Painted wooden almirahs are very popular.
    • Final Production Step - Finally, a thorough inspection of the final wood armoire is performed by the supervising staff.
    • Loading and Shipping - In this step , loading and shipping is the final step wherein the finished product is delivered to the required destination, in safe and secure condition.

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