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Wooden Dining Table

Background Wooden dining tables are found in most homes. A wooden dining table is a versatile piece of furniture that displays fine craftsmanship skills and designing. They are stout, practical, durable and functional. The dining table constitutes a major part of the furniture collection of a house.

Apart from its day-to-day use by family members, dining tables are also being used while entertaining guests on special social occasion. Apart from working on the table top, table legs can be carved gorgeously, to add beauty to the table.

Hence, it is mutual to find flowery, carved, elaborately planned wooden dining tables that are boasted as showpieces.

Types of wood usedFollowing varieties of woods can be usually used to make dining tables. But the table size, in fact, plays a vital role in deciding the type of wood used. An introductory addition to the table would be mica top. Wooden Dining Table
  • Oak
  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Cedar
  • Beech wood
  • Sheesham
  • Maple etc.

They come in various shapes though the more popular ones are square, rectangular or circular. Rectangular and square shaped wooden dining tables can accommodate more number of chairs than circular tables. The perfect size of a wooden dining table is determined, considering the size of the dining room and the number of people. Wooden dining tables have been in trend for hundreds of years.

Dining tables crafted out of wood are so practical and popular that they have been made continuously in trend from past many centuries. There are many varieties of wooden dining tables to choose from, depending on the size required. These dining tables are usually fashioned with graceful and rich traditional blueprint including detailed decorations and cuttings, the possibilities for innovation are undoubtedly endless.

Dining tables are usually available as a complete dinner table set-a table and chairs included. The number of seaters can be four, six or even more. In such a case, the dining table and the chairs are in complete harmony with each other. Individual dining tables can also be ordered.

Varieties of dining tables Dining tables can be of various customized figures and shapes designed beautifully and elegantly. Apart from wood, it consist of fine blend of glass, resin and other materials. The total surface of these sets are finely decorated and smoothly finished. Their fine finishes with creative looks attract innumerable customers across the world. Depending upon their structure, dining tables can be of following variations:
  • Dining Table with Elephant Pedestals
  • Dining Table in White Finish
  • Glass Dining Table with Teak Base
  • Dining Table in Antique Gold Finish
  • Carved Peacock Dining Table
  • Carved Mermaid Dining Table
  • Double Pedestal Dining Table
  • Single Pedestal Dining Table
  • Carved Swan Dining Table etc.
Future Dining table being an ideal for advanced life styles, it is the most essential furniture to a family. Wooden dining table is a versatile composition of furniture, exhibiting the fine workmanship and master copy of India's prime craftsmen. Wooden dining tables are quite unparalleled and popular across the world and are merchandised extensively.

Extensively carved tables can be used as a decorative showpiece. Thus, besides playing a role in entertaining guests, these can be a center for display. Very often, wooden dining table tends to act as an extra desk or are used as card tables , conference tables or work tables.

Today, dining tables come with an attractive expandable option- removable leaves and flip-tops enable expansion. But this is possible only with rectangular or square shaped wooden dining tables. Wooden dining tables come in various shades of wood, depending on the natural color of the wood and the varnish used. Most families often use wooden dining tables as an extra desk, work or study table.

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