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Wooden Console Table

A console table is used for exhibiting accessories or other ornamental particulars in the living room. It is a fabulous add-on to your entrance into the living room and usually sits against a wall and may even be connected to the wall. A traditional console table is a small table that can either be attached to the wall supported by two legs or it can be a free standing table set against a wall. It may even be a narrow long table that can be placed against the wall or even behind a sofa and act as a base for decorative like lamps or statues etc. Wooden console tables are widely demanded for homes and offices and commercial places.

Types of wood used
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Teak
  • Sheesham
  • Fir
  • Redwood
  • Mahogany
  • Hemlock etc.

Console tables are available in different styles, materials, shapes and finishes. A console table may have only two legs in the front, and hence it should be secured to the wall. A console table may be long or short, may be rectangular, round or square but it is mostly constrict. Half round or half moon console table is a extremely popular style. Some console tables are available with inbuilt drawers. The tables vary from antique style to traditional to modern, streamlined style. These console tables are available with plain designs as well as with intricate carvings and hand painting depicting excellent work of art.

Wooden Console Table

Wooden consoles often have extra storage space in the form of a shelf or a drawer. The legs that support this table or its fixture are rather ornamental. The outer boundary may have soft fretwork or decorative curves. Nicely polished, it gives an unmatched ornate look to the decor. The legs are stylishly decorated with unique shapes and exquisite craftsmanship.

Purpose of a console table
Console tables are basically used in entrances which not only contributes interest and style but also fulfill operational purpose. These tables may be used to hold a small lamp to provide additional lighting in your entryway. It is also perfect for setting down keys, a handbag, postal service and other small and important items as you walk through the door so that you remember them before leaving your home. Sometimes it is used to place an ornamental mirror to check their visual aspect as they leave and also to give guests the chance to check their appearance as they arrive. Besides the entrance, console table can also be used alone, directed against a wall, or placed behind a sofa. It can also be used as a small sideboard or serving table.

Advantages of console tables
  • A well brushed up finishing gives the wooden console table an exceptional flowery look. The wooden piece would compliment any interior decor. Various shades can be achieved depending on the natural color of the wood being used.

  • A console table is a the best idea if one possess a mentality of space management; the table doesn't take much space, it can be conveniently placed against the wall and it can also offer storage solutions with its drawers.

  • Advanced wooden console tables are perfect comprehension for decorative enhancement of the room and best for space management. They combine the aesthetic and the virtual aspects required for a room decor.

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