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Wooden Stand

Wooden StandA wooden stand, as the name suggests, stands and supports something which cannot stand on its own. For example, books, plates, hats, coats and other clothes that we do not intend to store in cupboards and cabinets are kept on the wooden stands. Sometimes the wooden stands are also used to keep things at an elevated position. For example TV, music system, etc. do not need any support to stand. However, a TV has to be kept at the eye level of the viewers and music systems too have to be protected from elements that can harm them. As such, wooden tv stands are used for the purpose. At other times, we just want to display or keep things in an organized manner with the help of a wooden stand like in case of jewelery and umbrellas. Thus, we use wooden jewelery stand and wooden umbrella stand.

Why Wooden Stands? wooden tv standWood has many properties, main being its durability. Once bought with a little research about fine types of wood, a wooden stand will be there with you lifelong. Secondly, there are many options while buying wooden stand- you can have a simple plain stand made of raw wood to match with your country style home decor or can buy a wooden stand made with wood carving that show impressive craftsmanship. It all depends upon your likes and budgets. Apart from these, there is one more very practical reason for popularity of a wooden stand. Wood being a heavy material can take heavy loads. Once you have placed your expensive items like TV or music system on wooden stands, you can be assured about their safety. Wood can also be given different colors and wood finishes. So, if you suddenly decide to change the overall look of your home and switch to contemporary home decor, you can just repaint and refinish all your wooden stands to match the new home decorating style. Thus, a wooden stand proves to be cost effective, durable and a beautiful piece of furniture.

Types of Wooden Stands There are many types of wooden stands in the market for different purposes.

Wooden Umbrella Stand
Wooden Coat and Umbrella StandThere are traditional types of wooden umbrella stands with multiple hooks to hang the umbrellas on them. For this reason , wooden stands are sometimes also referred to as wooden hangers. There are other stands that are similar to shapes of square or round large baskets in which the umbrellas can be placed. The modern types of umbrella stands have both the features. They have standing wooden racks with hooks on which hats and coats can be hanged and the stand beneath basket can hold umbrellas.

Wooden Coat Stand
Wooden coat stands are typical long wooden stands with multiple hooks on them to hang the coats. Sometimes the hooks are very stylish to make the stand beautiful. Todays coat stands generally incorporate an umbrella stand which is integrated in stylish patterns at the base portion of the wooden rack for coats. They also have solid stable base with rain catcher.

Wooden Hat Stand
Wooden hat stands are favorites of both- homedwellers as well as shopkeepers. All types of hat stands can be found- with provisions of either resting a single hat or multiple hats on them. A wooden rack for single hat is generally smaller in size and has a top spindle which is attached with screw at bottom. Great detail and curves of these portable hat stands (all of their parts can be removed and joined again) make them wonderful for display of any hat. The wooden hat stands for hanging multiple hats resemble the shape of coat stands and have multiple hooks on them.

Wooden TV Stand
A wooden TV stand, is in fact, a very importantpiece of wood furniture in any home. A simple TV stand made of wood can look like a wooden table and the more elaborately designed TV stands can have all within it- a cupboard or book rack for displaying collectibles and books; a wooden CD rack and DVD rack beneath the main structure for storing music and video accessories; and separate compartments for placing music systems, CD players and DVD players.

Wooden Display Stand
Wooden Display StandA wooden display stand is very important for retailers. The showrooms can be easily seen using different types of display stands for showcasing their salable items. Some of these wooden stands comprise long wooden sticks with just a base to make them stand. They are popular for displaying garments. Stands with hooks are used to display various smaller items like jewelery, key chains, handkerchiefs etc. Wooden stands with multiple shelves are also used by the shopkeepers to keep and display their items. In fact, various decorative wooden display stands are also used at homes for showing off valuable items including wine, expensive collectibles, jewelery etc.

Wooden Music Stand
Wooden music stands are very essential object for musicians. These stands are used for placing notations so that the musician can see them without any obstruction and without using their hands. Many decorative wooden music stands are available these days that show fine craftsmanship just like the art of music. A wooden music stand is always fully adjustable in height by a simple twist of a locking screw. is also made to alter the angle of the music shelf to suit the musician's particular playing position.

Wooden Cake Stand
Wooden Cake StandA wooden stand is not just for coats, hats and all such things, they can even hold cakes and that too with great delicacy to make them more delicious. A wooden cake stand looks more or less like a small decorative wood table with or without a base. Sometimes these wooden cake stands come with wooden spoons, knives and spatulas to serve the cakes in style. These stands can have multi tiers for holding more than one cake. Such multi tiered cake stands are mostly used in bakeries to place and display different types of cakes. Those stands which are meant for wedding cakes are intricately designed. Some of the wooden cake stands come with glass covers to keep the cakes fresh.

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