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Wooden Trays- For Decoration and Serving in Style

Wooden Trays
26 March 2011- When talking about wooden trays, the first thought that crosses everyone's mind is that it is one of the very useful kitchen and table accessories. Mostly people use serving trays at home for entertaining guests as well as for comfortable carrying convenience. A wooden tray is not only a very elegant serving tray but is also one of the very loved decorative items used by people to decorate not only their tables but also walls etc. You can find beautifully painted wood trays hanging on the walls of living rooms or just laid in style on the dining tables. Some of these handmade wooden trays are even decorated with gemstone painting.

Modern wooden trays are not only beautiful but also very useful- some of them have multiple compartments for carrying a variety of things in them and some have just the right shape for being used with ottoman furniture. Wooden trays for ottoman not only include the contemporary wood trays but also the vintage wooden trays, most of which have smooth and straight construction, perfect to be used with ottoman. To believe these facts about wooden trays, you have to see them. So, just look at the below given images of decorative wooden trays for various purpose and plan what would you buy when you go shopping for wooden trays!

Wooden Trays with Handles Wooden Trays with Gemstone Painting
Decorative Serving Wooden Trays with handles
Modern Wooden Trays Multi Utility Wooden Trays
Multi Purpose Modern Wood Trays
Wooden Tray for Ottoman Wood Tray for Ottoman
Wooden Trays for Ottoman
Handcrafted Wooden Tray Metal and Wood Tray
Handmade and Metal Wooden Trays
Round Decorative Wooden Tray Vintage Wooden Tray
Decorative and Vintage Wooden Trays

If you are well inspired after seeing these beautiful decorative wooden trays, you might also learn some Wooden Tray Craft Projects!

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