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Decorating Wall, Wall Decor Ideas- Photo Gallery

Walls are an important feature of any home. In fact, decorating wall in different manners can give any style of home decor a unique meaning. Wall decor can be used not just to pronounce the personality of a house but to make it more beautiful and look more spacious or whatever the home dwellers intend to give impression to their guests. Here are some pictures and tips on decorating wall of your home. See this photo gallery and read the tips and tricks for contemporary wall decor of your entire house.

Before moving on to the photo gallery of individual wall decorating ideas for your home walls, it would be good to have some really unique wall art decorating ideas.

Wall Art Decorating Ideas These are some of the wall decorating ideas for you.
  • Use coasters, may be paper coasters too, for wall art decorating. Get these coasters converted into framed art.
  • You can also use your old photos to make stunning wall art. Take help of vintage photo frames to do this.

Wall Decorating Ideas with Vintage Photos
Wall Decorating with Vintage Photos

  • Use metal baking dishes or even wooden dishes with beautiful carving as wall art decoration. In metal dishes, you can drill small hole at one of the ends and with the help of clip or cord hang them on wall in row.
Decorating Wall with Picture Arrangement
Wall Decorating with Picture Arrangement
Wall Decorating with Picture Arrangement

Picture frames are age old method for decorating walls. However, they can never get stale. You can use framed pictures of anything under the sun- your family photographs, paintings, modern art or anything that gives you a good feeling. Just try to get frames with the same finishes or color. It will result in a unified picture arrangement while decorating wall. Another way for an organized and uncluttered picture arrangement on wall is to use the same size mat for all pictures and artwork. Hang the pictures at eye level- about 5 feet high from the floor.

Decorating Wall with Wall Lettering
Decorating with Wall Letters
Decorating with Wall Letters

Wall Lettering is the latest decorating wall trend. Wall letters are used to decorate wall with letters, messages, quotes etc. Decorative scripts on wall with meaningful messages can further bond the home dwellers with each other. These wall letters can also be used in kids room decoration for inspiring them through famous quotes. Most of the lettering come pre-spaced and ready-to-apply on a sheet. They give the look of hand-painted stenciling. They are individually cut letters and not decals. The lettering come as a single roll of text which can be applied as it is or the sheet can be cut in any increment to make the quote two or more lines. If you want to get unique, you can even try wooden letters to decorate your walls!

Decorating Wall with Decals
Kids Wall Decorating with Removable Decals
Kids Wall Decorating with Removable Decals

Removable Wall Decals are yet another decorating wall style- most suitable for kids room wall decor. Different types of wall graphics can be found for your little girl's room or infant's room. Boys' rooms can also be decorated with these removable wall decals and they come in forms that interest the boys most. These wall graphics are quick and easy to apply and totally removable so they do not leave mess behind. These wall decals are also famous by different names like wall stickers, wall art, vinyl etc. So, if you live in a rented apartment or do not want your house walls get painted, use these attractive removable and reusable wall decals for decorating wall of your kids rooms.

Decorating Wall with Paintings
Decorating Wall with Painting
Decorating Wall with Painting

Paintings are beautiful and they look more beautiful when used for decorating wall. There are lots of wall painting ideas and all of them are unique due to color schemes and painting techniques used. The three basic types of color schemes- warm, muted and cool- can be used for different moods. Warm colors- red, yellow, orange and their combinations- make the rooms bright and cheerful and are best for wall arts. Cool colors- blue, green and violet- help to make a small room look bigger. Muted colors are most popular colors these days used for painting walls and they also help in making a small room look bigger. Paint anything- scenery, modern arts or figures in single color as in the above photo- they will all look good!

Decorating Wall with Fabric Art
Fabric Wall Decorating
Fabric Wall Decorating

Fabric walls are catching up as the hottest style of decorating wall. Although people have been using fabric walls in place of wall papers for quite a some time now, the latest trend is much more creative. And you don't have to invest a lot for decorating wall with fabrics! Cool fabric pieces (that can be waste fabrics also, the left overs after making garments and all other stuffs) can be framed or given various shapes with the help of some stiff object- like cardboard or plywood- and be arranged on wall just like picture arrangements. It is really a simple and inexpensive idea for freshening up any wall.

Decorating Wall with Fabric Walls
Creative Fabric Wall Decor Ideas
Creative Fabric Wall Decor Ideas

And if you are ready to spend some more money, you can get even more exotic fabric wall decor. This is specially meant for contemporary bedroom decoration full with color energy. Use a rich color- like red in this picture- on the walls. Hang patterned fabric behind the bed and a sheer version of the same fabric at the end wall to give a softening feel. You can even wallpaper your walls with fabric or create a collage of color and place a decorative frame around it. A wall mural can also be created with the use of fabric. This is a very cost effective wall decor- just wash the fabrics when needed and reuse them!

Decorating Wall with Mirror
Wall Decorating with Mirror
Wall Decorating with Mirror

Mirrors are really beautiful! Using mirror for decorating wall can never become ?the old technique.? Mirrors can bring light all over with just a little caution in placing them. Put a large mirror behind your dining table wall and see how your feasting delight doubles! Or place the same large mirror on your office wall behind your desk and see it help bring in light. Mirrors can miraculously give the impression of larger spaces. If you can't afford big mirrors, go for various shapes of smaller mirrors with decorative wooden mirror frames and hang them on wall just like a beautiful picture arrangement. You'll love the shining wall decor of your room!

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