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Wooden Armoire Designs!
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Modern Wooden Chair Designs

27 November 2010- Chairs- however simple they might look- are made with great thoughts about their designs. Modern chair designs are such that they not only consider the intended usage of a particular chair but also its ergonomics as well as functional requirements. Now what is ergonomics? It is the factor as to how comfortable a chair design is for the person who sits on it. The functional requirement too are taken care of in modern chair designs. For example, due to smaller living spaces these days, chairs are made foldable and/or stackable and thus you can find great designs in wooden folding chairs ans stackable chairs. >br>

Then due to lesser time for maintenance of furniture (thanks to toady's fast life,) you will find light weight wood chairs too which are stain resistant apart from being durable. And not to forget, there are wooden chairs with ultimate artistic designs to satisfy the creative souls! Check out this photo gallery of modern wooden chair designs and read the information on modern chair designs to know for yourself how constructive and innovative are todays chair designers!

Modern Chair Design
Modern Chair Design

Ergonomic Chair Design Basics Ergonomic chair designs distribute the weight of the occupant to various parts of body. Some design aspects can put disproportionate pressure on one or the other body parts. For example, a wooden high chair with a higher seat results in dangling feet and thus increases pressure on the underside of the knees. On the other hand, the chair design with lower seat might place too much weight to the seat bones which can be controlled by having reclining seat. However, a recliner shift weight to the occupant's back leading to lower back pain. The general rule, therefore, followed by designers for chair designs says that if the occupant has to sit for a long time, weight should be taken off the seat area. Easy chairs thus are generally slightly reclined. Some chairs are also designed with foot rests. A stool or other simple chair may also have a straight or curved bar near the bottom for the occupant to place feet on.

Easy Chair with Book Shelf
Easy Chair with Book Shelf

Wooden Rocking Chair Designs Wooden rocking chairs, although, not intended for long hours use, are considered to have designs that are most comfortable. Rocking chair designs have two curved bands of wood (rockers) attached to the bottom of the legs.

Modern Rocking Chairs

Modern Rocking Chairs

Wooden Office Chair Designs Wooden office chairs are usually the task chairs. They are designed for people who wish to work at a desk or table. These chairs recline very slightly otherwise the occupant will go too far away from the desk. Seat as well as backrest matters a lot for such office chair designs. Usually, backrests have three categories of heights- lower, shoulder height and headrests. Office chairs, generally have shoulder height backrest and are normally equipped with padding for comfort.

Modern Office Chairs

Modern Office Chairs

Wooden Outdoor Chair Designs Outdoor chair designs are made by keeping in mind the relaxation one would expect when outdoors. However, they also look like as if they are casually made and this is the beauty of wooden outdoor chairs. For example, they are not padded but then are ultimate comfortable. For this, contouring may be used instead of padding. A contoured chair seat tends to distribute weight without padding. By matching the shape of the occupant's buttocks, weight is distributed and maximum pressure is reduced.

Modern Outdoor Chair Design
Modern Outdoor Chair Design

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