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Manufacturing Process of Wooden Sofa

Wooden Sofa A wooden sofa has been gracing living rooms across the world since ages. Today sofas are being made from various types of materials that give this originative piece of furniture a sharpness over others. However, wooden sofa still holds the pride of place amongst all sofas. You must go for a wooden sofa because wood has an everlasting quality about it. It might be a little costly, but the value of some types of wood actually grows as that wood gets older. Present-day wooden sofas have integrated metal with wood to bring about a uniqueness in the sofas that is both captivating and efficient. A wooden sofa is not just a piece of furniture but is an object of art. Therefore, it must be chosen with due care. Forthis, one must know the exact way of making wooden sofa. So, lets know how a wooden sofa is made.

Manufacturing Process of Wooden Sofa Each sofa undergoes a hand-crafted process that results in the highest quality product. The following steps would clarify how to make a wooden sofa :

  • Solid wood frame preparation/wood cutting: In this step the wood is precisely cut to provide the solid framing for each sofa.
  • Solid wood frame preparation/wood assembly: The wooden cut-outs and heavy metal gauge wire are assembled to construct the initial shape of each sofa's style. The belts system is applied to support the dense foam.
  • High density foam preparation/foam cutting and bonding: In this stage the specialized foam is being cut to cover the seating area, with special fabric fillings (softer foam) covering the armrests, seat and backrest to provide the most comfort and support for all the body's delicate points.
  • Cutting and sewing: Now the padded frames are ready to be outfitted with top quality genuine fabric through out the foam seating area. It is cut in multiple pieces to cover each section of a sofa individually. This process provides perfect fabric upholstering. After the cutting , the fabric is ready to be sewed together with special extra-thick threading to provide many years of use.
  • Finishing manufacturing process/fabric fitting: Fabric fitting process is a tedious process where every tiny inch of the piece is sewed, glued, blocked and nailed to the frame. Each piece is slightly stretched to provide an ultimate smooth surface for a luxurious touch and feel.
  • Final production step/inspection quality control and heavy packing: Finally, a thorough inspection is performed by the supervising staff. The inspection is done in a specially designed super-bright room, which allows a better observation of the finished product. Once inspection is completed, the new products are ready to be packed in: foam, cardboard, shrink wrap and special sturdy rice bags.
  • Loading and shipping
The Future of Wooden Sofa Manufacturing Sofas proceed to be made by single craftsmen and small shops as well as manufacturing plant. There are different ways to learn how to make sofas. Some universities like North Carolina State University offers an industrial engineering bachelor's degree that specializes in furniture manufacturing. In addition to courses in product engineering and facilities design, they sponsor field trips to local factories and workshops in industry-specific computer applications.

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