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Wooden Tray Craft Projects

Hand Painted Wooden Tray
Hand Painted Wooden Tray
17 March 2011- Craft projects can make amazing works of art with as simple things as wooden trays! If you love wooden craft projects, try making decorative trays out of wood trays or even use other things like picture frames to make a serving tray! How to go for these wood tray craft projects? We will tell you through the following crafts ideas for wooden trays!

Wooden Craft Project # 1- Painted Wooden Trays You can transform a relatively simple trays, even the unfinished wooden trays into quite beautiful decorative trays with the help of painting and stenciling. For this wood craft project, you will need a small wooden tray, acrylic paints in two colors (one for the pattern and one for the background), gold acrylic paint, two paintbrushes- a thick and a thin paintbrush, fine sanding paper, pencil, a measuring tape, masking tape, two small sponges, quick drying spray varnish, old newspaper, a sheet of firm plastic film to make the stencil and a sharp knife to cut out the design on this film.

How to Make Hand Painted Wooden Tray?
Following are the step-by-step instructions for your wood craft project for making a painted wooden tray.
  • Using the sandpaper, sand the wooden tray thoroughly inside and out and wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth.
  • Paint all over your wood tray with the lighter shade of paint you have bought. Ensure that all the corners and edges are properly covered with paint.
  • Let the paint dry before applying a second coat of lighter paint. Now leave the tray to dry for at least 12 hours.
  • When your wooden tray is dried completely, make two or four rectangles, square or circles within which you are going to do your stencil work. Use measuring tape and pencil for precision and symmetry.
  • Stick masking tape all around the outer edges of your shapes made with the pencil to prevent the paint from running.
  • Now take a sponge and dip it into the darker shade of paint. Remember to remove extra paint from the sponge by dabbing it on one of the sheets of newspaper. Now do sponging in each of your shape.
  • Let the paints dry before removing the masking tape.
  • Take the firm plastic film and cut out a shape of your choice whose picture you want to paint on the wooden tray. This pattern can be anything- a flower, a leaf, an animal or human figure, geometrical figures or any other pattern of your choice (even a combination of two or more patterns)
  • Now place your prepared stencil in one of the four rectangles, squares or the other shape you have made on the wooden tray and stick it lightly to the bottom of the tray with the help of the masking tape.
  • Dip the second sponge into the gold paint and remove extra paint from the sponge by dabbing it on one of the sheets of newspaper. Now paint the stencil design onto the tray by repeatedly dabbing all over the design.
  • Let the paint dry before you remove the stencil carefully. Repeat the procedure in each of the other shapes.
  • Use the gold paint to draw a gold frame around each of the shapes on the wooden tray.
  • Let the decorative painted tray dry thoroughly.
  • Apply a coat of quick-drying spray varnish so that your hand painted tray remains with you for longer.

Wooden Craft Project # 2- Make Tray from Picture Frame
Wooden Serving Tray of Picture Frame
Picture Frame Serving Tray
Now try yet another wood craft project- this time make a serving tray with the help of wooden picture frames. You will need a large glass picture frame, two handles (you can use drawer pulls for the purpose), measuring tape, driller, something flat to place inside your picture frame- this can be anything- a painting, a colorful paper with prints or patterns, or even a smooth fabric with interesting design.

How to Make Wooden Serving Tray Out of Picture Frame?
Following are the step-by-step instructions for your wood craft project for making a wooden serving tray out of a picture frame.
  • For attaching the drawer pulls as handles on the tray (shorter side of the picture frame), take out the middle point with the help of measuring tape and mark the point.
  • With the help of driller, drill holes to attach the handles and screw in each handle.
  • Place the paper or fabric- whatever you want to place inside the serving tray glass .
  • Secure the back of frame tightly. If your frame (like mine) has fasteners that are not recessed, you will want to avoid hard surfaces.
  • You can make several decorative trays to serve in style and you just need to change the inside material for different looks!
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