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Woodworking Table Plans - Starting With The Basics

30 November 2010- Whether its cabinets or cupboards you're building there's no getting by from the fact that you're going to need to do a slew of measurements first before you start constructing anything. And if you don't have any plans for these cabinets or cupboards then you're going to need to do that yourself as well. But what about if you're going to be building a table? The table plans should be quite easy to do shouldn't they? You know what they say -- depends.

No matter what you are building there has to be some type of plan to finish the construction of the project. Can you imagine if we didn't have any plans to go by. Well needless to say, if you are like me you would probably end up paralyzed as to where to start. Then the project never gets started or finished.

Yes, the table plans should be comparatively easy to draw, but the difficulty lies in not the design process but in the construction process. Even for the most basic of tables you need to get the angles of the legs right otherwise you might end up with a very cockeyed piece of furniture! And again depending on what type of table the angles and corners must be fairly accurate as well.

Picnic Wooden Table
Picnic Wooden Table
Having said that, table plans can also become extensive works of arts and elaborate designs, and some of the best tables are the hardest to make. Now don't let this discourage you. With the proper education (I am not talking a 4 year degree here) you can get started quickly and easily on all your projects. The beauty and the trouble lies not in the table itself but in the effort it took to imagine such a piece of wood working mastery, and the deed it took to turn it into one finished product.

Of course that doesn't mean that the beginning wood worker can't make table plans for themselves. In fact one of the very first things that is suggested is that the beginning wood worker use a saw horse or a saw bench. And in case you hadn't guessed by now, both of those things requires legs to stand on. So you will be able to draw your own table plans virtually from the beginning itself and you'll also be able to make your own table as well.

Wood Table Plans
Wood Table Plan

Listen, essentially and I mean essentially when drawing up table plans, they all start from the same base. Meaning you can look at other table plans and draw your own from just seeing what it looks like off the other plans. It comes down to visualizing it. You mind doesn't have to start from scratch, which is sometimes the hardest part.

And if the table legs turn out somewhat lopsided well then you learn from your mistakes and move on to the next set of table plans. If you want to use your first attempt, you'll have to make it un-lopsided of course, and to do this you might have to saw off a piece off one of the legs Then again if you want character and you're not going to use it for wood working purposes then you might want to keep it cockeyed as a memento of the very first table you did.

As you might have gathered though table plans, the simple ones, aren't that difficult to draw. And remember if you get stuck, then look at some other similar plans. Give your mind a visual, something it can work with. As time goes on your plan drawing will grow and expand with your experience. Don't be afraid to try and start with some basic table plans.

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