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Tips on Using Wooden Vases for Home Decor

Bamboo Flower Vase18 April 2010- Who doesn't want to bring freshness to one's home? We make gardens or use wooden planters in decks and porches to be in touch with nature. When we want to bring these natural gifts of flowers and other greenery into our rooms, what's good then wooden vases? Here are some tips for using these marvelous wooden flower pots for decorating your home not just by putting flowers into them but through many other innovative ways.

  • Always consider the size, shape, and style of the room where you are about to place your new vase. A very tall vase in a small room may not look too good.
  • Use the vases to either extend the color scheme of the room or add an accent color in a space. For example, if your home has more of browns, beiges, or burgundies, add tones of yellow, turquoise, fuchsia, or white- it will brighten up your surroundings. Hand painted wooden vases can be easily found in these colors or you can use flowers of these colors in naturally colored wooden vases. If your room is already bright, tone it down a bit with neutral or warm colors.
  • Match the forms of vases with your home decor style. Geometric shapes are more modern and will go with contemporary interiors. Gentle rounded vases are considered to be more traditional and will look good in traditional or country style of home decor.
  • Use large flowers and foliage to put into a vase that has a wide opening on top and which tapers to a narrow base.
  • If your vase is straight and has a cylinder like shape, use long-stemmed flowers to decorate.
  • If you have got some bud vases or vases with narrow openings, use only one stem of a flower. You can even group this little vases and place in any room- on the dining table, beside a window, on a book rack and even in the kitchen or bathroom shelf- they look good anywhere.
  • Wooden Vases Sometimes wooden bowls (wooden vase bowls) too can be used for decorating interiors of your home. Use it as a table centerpiece for keeping potpourri or floating flowers in it. However, as they are wooden vases, you can consider placing some other smaller bowl (like a glass bowl or stone bowl) inside for saving wood from water. You'll ask- why not then use these other bowls only? It is because they cannot give the rustic and natural look that a wooden bowl can give.
  • Use a small bamboo flower vase to keep on the top of wooden cabinet or wine rack with one strand of flower in it. It will look stunning!
  • Use vases of different sizes and shapes together in some grouping with or without flowers. Place the tallest vase at one corner and keep on placing the next high vase. Alternatively keep the highest vase in the center, and place the other vases around it in some creative arrangement.
  • Use other wooden decoratives like wooden candle holders or wooden clocks with vases to decorate in an arranged manner.

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