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Handicrafts Shopping in Jaipur

23 April 2010- Handicrafts of India are famous world over. Tourists coming to India have their favorite shopping destinations from among which Delhi-Jaipur shopping is the first among their favorite shopping destinations. While Delhi offers all kinds of Handicrafts of India, the pink city Jaipur typically offers you handicrafts of Rajasthan that include the famous Rajasthan woodwork alongside blue pottery, metal work and marble decoratives.

Wooden Handicrafts of Rajasthan The worldwide famous pink city Jaipur has innumerable varieties of handicrafts. Wooden handicrafts are one of the most famous handicrafts of Rajasthan that Jaipur offers to its guests. The wooden handicrafts of Jaipur include carved doors, windows, drawer chests, picture frames and mirror frames. Decorative Jaipur furniture made of wood- some carved and some hand painted with bright colors- are also liked by people coming here. The delicate handcrafted Jaipur furniture has an antique look due to the fine craftsmanship along the traditional lines.

Jaipur Shopping Destinations
Jaipur Handicrafts Shopping
Jaipur Handicrafts Shopping
Handicrafts shops in Jaipur can be found in all its major local markets as well as in the interior colonies of main old city of Jaipur. If you visit Jaipur, you must go to the following markets most of that are situated closer to each other.

Jauhari Bazar- This is the main local market of Jaipur that witnesses Jaipur's historical identity- the Hawa Mahal. You will find many shops around Hawamahal that sell all kinds of Rajasthan handicrafts ranging from typical Rajasthani clothing like sarees and leheng choli, lac bangles, puppets, Mojri (famous Jaipur shoes), silver jewelery as also gold and Kundan jewelery of Rajasthan. Just remember to bargain hard as the rates told to foreign tourists highly differ from what is the actual cost- a feature typical of a tourist destination!

Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar- These two markets are in the heart of the old walled city of Jaipur. You will not be able to make out the border between the two adjoining markets but they are worth spending some time for shopping in Jaipur. If you wish to buy typical Jaipur print bedsheets, quilts (famous Jaipuri Razai), Jaipuri salwar suits, wooden handicrafts like mirror frames, picture frames, wooden furniture and other wooden decorative items, these two markets are the best shopping destination for you in Jaipur. Just again remember to bargain while shopping other than the fixed price shops that sell their items on reasonable rates.

Chaura Raasta and Tripolia Bazaar- Chaura Raasta has many shops for Rajasthan clothing, quilts, jewelery as well as musical instruments. Tripolia Bazaar is mainly a market for utensils but you will find some very good shops for handicrafts here that have good collection of wooden handicrafts and marble decoratives. One advice- walk through these markets from shop to shop instead of taking any vehicle. This way, you won't miss any handicraft that you might like and also get the true feel of colorful Rajasthan.

Raja Park- This is a posh market for many things but mainly for Jaipur furniture. You will spot many fine furniture shops in Jaipur located here. These furniture shops make all kinds of wooden furniture including the typical Jaipur furniture. Buy handcrafted furniture here and do not miss the very beautiful black color Jaipur furniture, especially hand painted small sized tables and decorative chairs in pair. You will love them in your living room! Bargaining rule applies here too.

M.I. Road- Many shops in Jaipur that have fine collections of all types of handicrafts from Rajasthan are situated here at Mirza Ismail Road or the famous M.I. Road. You will find pottery, marble and wood handicrafts, silver jewelery at M.I. Road. If you are short of time and cannot spend much time shopping in Jaipur, just visit 'Rajasthali'- the Rajasthan emporium managed by the Government of Rajasthan at M.I. Road. You won't need to bargain and will find all kinds of Rajasthan handicrafts here under single roof.

Interior Chandpole Bazaar- This market is for those who want to do budget shopping! If you don't have much money yet you want to take some handicrafts of Rajasthan back with you from Jaipur, just visit the interiors of Chandpole Bazaar. It is home to craftsmen of Jaipur- they make their crafts here. You can directly buy handicrafts from them at lower manufacturing rate. Just remember not to waste time in the main Chandpole Bazaar which is the major market for spices and grocery- visit its interiors.

So, Happy Jaipur shopping and buying fabulous Rajasthan handicrafts!

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