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How to Refinish a Wooden Antique Chair?

Antique Wooden Chair People who respect craftsmanship love to possess antique wood crafts. Although there are many fine examples of wood crafts, antique wooden chairs are particularly loved by art connoisseurs. Not only the art lovers, general people too feel proud to possess one of such antique chairs. These wood crafts can be passed on from generation to generation or can be bought through various means. Whatever be the matter, as these are very old furniture items, they tend to loose their strength, beauty and integrity with time. An antique wooden chair will need refinishing or refurbishing, depending on its condition- if it has to be given some more life.

Difference between Refinishing and Refurbishing Before going on to learn some tips on antique furniture refinishing, one must decide whether the furniture needs refinishing or refurbishing. When the chair is broken at some places or have some other physical damage that needs to be repaired, it must be refurbished. However, if the chair only needs some work to improve its looks, refinishing needs to be done.

Cure the Cracks of the Chair Use some wood filler to fill up the cracks in the wood. Mix wood filler with some acetone to make it a little thinner. Take a plastic syringe after removing its needle and fill the mixture in it. Put the mixture into the cracks with the help of prepared syringe. Overfill them a little. Now sprinkle some talcum powder over the liquid and pat it into the crack with fingers. After drying, remove the excess powder and sand the portion of the chair with 200-grit sandpaper.

Remove the Water Stains from Wooden Chair
  • Apply some furniture polish on the chair by spraying. Let it be in this position overnight. Wipe it off the next morning. A stain which is not very old will go.
  • If the stain is still there on the wooden chair, use a little alcohol to rub out the stain. Do it carefully as the alcohol can damage the wood finish.
  • For the more difficult stains, get solvent depending upon the type of wood finishes on the furniture. For example, for lacquer finishes, use lacquer thinner and for shellac, use alcohol only.
Tips on Refinishing Antique Chair Refinishing Antique ChairIf the features of the antique chair are in a quite good condition but have a grungy appearance, just clean it with some water and a mild cleansing agent. This is enough to restore the original look of the wood. However, if the looks are damaged beyond being dirty follow the tips given below.
  • If the chair has a lacquer-type finish, it doesn't always requires to be completely strip off the old finish. Just sand the chair with 80 or 100 grit sandpaper to make the primer able to hold on to it.
  • Always use a primer that is appropriate for the type of finish that will be used on the chair.
  • Latex paints that are rubber based or water based paints can also be used. They are easier to apply and to touch-up. However, primer will still be required.

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