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Wood Kitchen Accessories- Buying & Caring Guide

5 February 2011- Kitchen utensils are perhaps the most important items required for a home. There are many options available when it comes to the question of buying kitchen accessories. However, wood kitchen accessories enjoy an enviable position among all the other types of kitchen tools and utensils. There are many reasons for the popularity of wooden utensils.

Benefits of Wood Kitchen Accessories Wooden kitchen utensils have been there since ages- wood is perhaps the only material that would have been used for making kitchen accessories along with stone utensils!

Wood Kitchen Accessories
Wood Kitchen Accessories
  • Wood kitchen accessories are durable and this is the reason why excavators still find one or the other wooden bowls and utensils on archaeological sites. Just you have to care a little for wood kitchen accessories to give them a long life.
  • As wood is an easily available raw material, wooden kitchen accessories can be found in all budget ranges- from cheap kitchen tools like wooden spoons to highly decorative kitchen accessories like wooden trays.
  • Wooden kitchen accessories have a special aesthetic value attached to them, especially as country kitchen accessories. They are even used for home decoration like the carved or painted decorative wooden trays that are sometimes used as wall decorative accessories.
  • Wooden kitchen tools also help in preventing damage to many other kitchen utensils, especially the non stick cookware. This is the reason why you get wooden spatula and wooden serving spoon too when you buy non stick pans!
  • Depending upon the type of wood used, wooden kitchen accessories are also lightweight so that one can use them conveniently. For example, wooden cutting boards are easy to carry to wherever you want to cut your vegetables in your home.
  • As wood is heat resistant and a bad conductor of heat, it is the most preferred material for making wood kitchen accessories like oven rack pullers where there is always a risk of getting burnt by heat.
  • Wood kitchen accessories are environmental friendly too. If made from recycled wood or sustainable wood types like bamboo wood, they become the most eco friendly kitchen utensils.

How to Buy Wood Kitchen Accessories
Wood Kitchen Tools and Utensils
Wood Kitchen Tools Utensils
There are two options for buying wood kitchen accessories- one, you buy whole kitchen utensils set made of wood and two, you buy only cooking utensils or wooden serving accessories!
  • If you chose to buy wooden kitchen utensils set for cooking as well as serving purpose, make a list of all types of kitchen tools and utensils that you might require- not only for your present needs but also for your future requirements. Consider the fact that some of your relatives etc. may also use your kitchen for cooking when they visit you and they might need to use some of the kitchen tools that you don't use! Non matching kitchen accessories will definitely neither impress your guests nor you.
  • Pay attention to the wood quality too. Kitchen utensils made of quality wood can only last longer and pay value for your money as well as save you from embarrassing situations. Just imagine buying cheap wooden scoops which gets cracked in front of your guests while serving ice cream to them! Olive wood kitchen accessories are good as also those made of maple, walnut, cherry or even bamboo wood.
  • Before buying wood kitchen accessories, just analyze a little whether they go with your home decor theme, particularly your kitchen decor? Wooden kitchen utensils generally suit rustic decor type such as the French kitchen style or English cottage decor style. However, if you believe in experimenting and could find the right type of accessories, wooden utensils can easily be incorporated into modern kitchens too!
Browse through the extensive directory of Wood Kitchen Accessories Manufacturers & Exporters to find reliable suppliers of wood kitchen accessories. If having bulk requirement, you can fill up this simple enquiry form to get quotes from pre verified kitchen accessories manufacturers and suppliers!

Caring Wood Kitchen Accessories
Wooden Bowl and Salad Hands
Wooden Bowl Salad Hands
All good things have to be cared for and wood kitchen accessories are no exception. If you care for your wooden kitchen tools and utensils, they prove to be a wise investment in the long run.
  • Never wash wooden kitchen utensils in dishwasher- hand wash them. Use mild dish detergent to wash the wood accessories in warm, soapy water. Don't just put away your wooden forks or spoons after washing. Use fine kitchen towels to dry them and then let them air dry. Never soak wood kitchen utensils in water.
  • After using for some time, wood kitchen tools and utensils develop a fuzzy appearance due to wood grain raise. Grain of the wood slightly rises due to constant contact with moisture and create fuzz. When you see this, lightly rub a 400 or 600 grit sandpaper across your wooden salad hands or other kitchen accessories. Wash and dry and you will see no more fuzzy appearance. If you do not have sand paper, you can use brown paper bag for the task whose fibers act more or less like a sandpaper.
  • If you see burn marks or stains in your wood kitchen accessories, you may have to do a little heavy sanding. Use 50 or 60 grit sandpaper to remove the burn or stain.
  • If there is a dent in any of your wood kitchen utensil, soak the area overnight (soaking in normal conditions should be totally avoided.) Soaking may help the wood to expand which in turn can make the dent easier to remove. Now sand the area with sandpaper of 80 grit, 100 grit, 120 grit, 150 grit, 180 grit, 220 grit, 400 grit and if you desire, 600 grit or beyond- whatever works for it.
  • To keep your wood kitchen accessories look new forever, lightly oil them with mineral oil every two to three months. As mineral oil is non toxic and food safe, it is the best option for oiling your wooden utensils. Also mineral oil is a cheaper option as compared to spoon oil or cutting board oil that have a little pure, non-toxic beeswax melted in.
Keeping the above considerations for buying wood kitchen accessories and using these tips to care for wooden kitchen tools and utensils will make you the proud owner of ever new looking kitchen utensils made of wood!

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