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Wood Feng Shui- Using Feng Shui Wood Element!

23 December 2010- From among the five elements of Feng Shui, wood element represents birth of new life and renewal in general. Green and brown are the feng shui colors of wood element. As per bagua map, wood represents east and southeast areas of home or work space. These areas symbolize creativity, children, travel and helpful people. If anyone experiencing problems related to these issues, he or she should use feng shui wood elements. Now how to use wood element of feng shui isone of the first few questions that will go through your mind! This article will tell you how to use feng shui element for positive chi.

Home Decor with Wood Feng Shui Items Feng shui wood element can be incorporated in home decor through various methods. You have to use green and brown colors. These can be green plants, flowers or wall paints in wood element color. You can even use wooden sculptures, staues and other wood feng shui items for decorating home.

Wood Feng Shui Decor with Green Plants
Feng Shui Plant
Feng Shui Plant
Wood feng shui element can very well brought into your home or office through plants. These can be flower plants, aromatic plants or herbs. Just remember that for effective feng shui wood element, the bagua areas are East, Southeast and South. Avoid strong presence of wood element in the Southwest, Center, North and Northeast areas of your home and office.

Wood Feng Shui Items
The market is full with feng shui supplies including a variety of wood feng shui products and items. Wood statues and figurines can efficiently bring the wood feng shui element to your home. Wood statues can be especially good for areas where you cannot have too many plants. Some of the popular feng shui wood statues and igurines include wood feng shui buddha, animal figurines like feng shui dragons and feng shui tiger etc.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes
Feng Shui Wind Chimes
Feng Shui Wind Chimes
One of the most popular feng shui items are the wind chimes. You can select one of these feng shui wind chimes for using wood element such as the bamboo chimes. It is a great home feng shui cure! In classical feng shui schools, wind chimes are taken as effective cure. So, use wind chimes to bring home wood element.

Wood Feng Shui Artwork
Feng shui artwork is also a great way to use wood element in your home. Bring home a strong wood feng shui element with an art having either the color of wood element or the one which illustrates the wood element. This can be photos of nature in wooden picture frames. You can even bring artistic feng shui mirrors o r wooden wall hangings. Anything that represents wood element is apt for feng shui home decorating.

Wood Feng Shui Buddha
Wood Feng Shui Buddha
Apart from the above feng shui items that can be used for wood element at home and office, you can use many other feng shui products made of wood. If you do not feel the need to use these feng shui items for your home cure, you can even give them as feng shui gifts to your friends whom you think will benefit from feng shui wood element.

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