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What To Do With Cigar Boxes?- Cigar Box Crafts

19 November 2010- If you or someone in your family is fond of cigar smoking, there must be enough of empty cigar boxes lying all around your house. Sometimes you might also get irritated while handling these old cigar boxes though you can always throw them away. However, if they are wooden cigar boxes, you might not want to just deliver them away in garbage bins- after all wood is so expensive and wooden boxes are so useful. You might be thinking then- what to do with cigar boxes? We suggest you some useful and creative cigar box crafts that will really make you fall in love with the all new decorative wooden cigar boxes!

Cigar Box Crafts # 1: Decorate Cigar Box
Cigar Box Crafts
Cigar Box Crafts
Now the question is- how to decorate cigar boxes? This article will tell you.
  • To decorate cigar box, you will need a wooden cigar box, tissue paper decorations or stickers, scissors, colored papers for decoupage, sponge brush, fabric or velvet, craft beads or beaded edgings, craft paint, adhesive, craft mirror, etc. This is only a suggestive list of items required to decorate cigar box. You can always be more innovative and use whatever decorations you think would look good on your small wooden boxes.
  • Clean up your wooden cigar box by removing cigar labels, stickers etc. from the box. If essential, clean it up with a damp cloth and dry the box.
  • You might restain the wood by painting the cigar box with craft paint. Alternatively you can seal the wood before you decorate a cigar box.
  • Cut the tissue paper decorations in suitable sizes according to the measurement of cigar box. Arrange them on the outside of the cigar box. Now glue them down and add two layers of color papers to seal them into place while giving a nice finish to the cigar box.
  • Now cut the fabric in sizes that will fit the interior of your empty cigar box and then using strong adhesive, glue gun, or double sided tape, stick the fabric lining into the box.
  • You can now fix the mirror into the interior of the box with the help of glue. Use a clip or rubber band to hold the mirror in place while it dries.
  • Now add the craft beads or beaded edging wherever you think it will look good. You can use it as a border around the lid, as a mirror frame border, or can decorate the edge of the lining.

Cigar Box Crafts # 2: Cigar Box Purses
Cigar Box Purse
Cigar Box Purse
For all ladies there who love to be fashionable, we give here instructions on how to make cigar box purses as these stylish purses are highly in demand and can now be found at pricey boutiques. So, if you want to save some money use your empty cigar boxes to make cigar box purses!
  • Remove the cigar box labels, stickers or other materials on it with the help of some nail polish remover or acetone. If you think you must sand your wooden boxes, use a fine grade wet sand paper to do so.
  • Now decorate your cigar box as per instructions given in the first craft project above in this article or you can leave it natural by just coating it with clear varnish. Spray some clear varnish on it to provide a protective and durable coat. You can even use oil based varnish like shellac to give your cigar box an aged effect as this varnish yellows over time. This will make the box look like antique cigar box.
  • As you are about to make a cigar box purse, you need to attach a handle to it. For this, you may buy a ready to use purse handle sold in craft stores or may even use a drawer pull. Attach the handle on the outside of cigar box close to the opening. If you are using a drawer handle you might need to use smaller screws supplied with the handle. If you are using a ready to use purse handle then follow the instructions with the handle.
  • Most of the wooden cigar boxes already have clasp attached to them. However, if yours does not have one, then use velcro tabs and some fabric to keep your box closed. You can also buy a clasp from a craft store and attach it to your cigar box purse.
Cigar Box Crafts # 3: Cigar Gift Box Decorative wooden boxes are one of the preferred gift items. So, if you have plent of old cigar boxes, you can use them for making gift boxes like jewelry boxes, potpourri boxes etc. Following are instructions for making cigar gift box.
  • For making a jewelry box, clean and sand the cigar box. Paint it with your choice of color. Take felt and glue it in the bottom of the inside. Decorate cigar box from the outside.
  • For making potpourri boxes, just paint and decorate the cigar box and fill it with potpourri. You can either use it for gifting purpose or may even decorate home with it.
  • For making special occasion wooden gift boxes, like for Christmas and New year gifts, paint cigar boxes with bright colors such as red. Cut out some Christmas pictures from wrapping paper, magazines etc. and decoupaged them onto the box. Fill the cigar gift box with Christmas candies and chocolates.
These were only some of the wooden cigar box crafts. You can always think of something new and innovative to get the answer for your own question- what to do with cigar boxes!

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