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Christmas Craft Ideas- Wooden Crafts!

Christmas Snowmen
Christmas Snowmen
25 November 2010- Christmas is now only a month away and still we have enough time to make some wooden crafts for Christmas. Although we can always buy one or the other type of Christmas decorations, it is a totally different feeling when guests appreciate our own handmade Christmas crafts which we use to decorate home for Christmas! So, here we present some Christmas craft ideas for kids (because they are easy to make, adults too can try them out). These wooden crafts involve making certain basic Christmas ornaments and other symbols representative of Christmas.

Christmas Snowman- Ultimate Xmas Craft Idea Nothing can compare such characters as Santa Claus and Snowman on Christmas. You will find lots of wooden toys in form of these Christmas symbols but the one you make with your own hands can't be compared with any of them. So, here is the first wooden craft idea for Christmas to help you make a Christmas snowman! For wooden Christmas crafts, you will require some other materials apart from wood too (see the list below). You can either buy these craft supplies individually or buy wooden craft kits that are available abundantly in crafts stores.

To make a Christmas snowman from wood, you will require the following supplies:
  • Plywood (with 8mm and 4mm thickness )
  • Dark green ribbon
  • Wooden beads in red color
  • Small red bells (two)
  • Wire
  • Acrylic paints (white orange, red, black and light blue)
  • Drill with 1.5 mm and 3.5 mm bits
  • Screw (35 mm x 3,5 cm)
  • Hot glue gun with glue
  • Wooden Pattern for Snowman ( you can make it yourself or download from some free wooden patterns for crafts websites)
Step-by-Step Instructions for Christmas Snowman Craft
Following steps will guide you in your wooden craft project for Christmas Snowman.
  • Print the pattern of snowman on paper and transfer the markings on wood. You have to saw out a base, a body, a sign (optional but recommended), two hands and one nose. Saw these pieces out and sand them. The body of snowman should be marked on thicker wood and nose on the thin wood.
  • Now paint the base, hands and body of snowman in white and allow them to dry. Make the markings for the hat and paint it.
  • If you have decided to make your snowman craft carry a sign board, then paint it in red because this color goes well with snow and also brings in the Christmas feel. Also, write down something on the sign board like “Merry Christmas" or “Happy Holidays." Use white paint to write such quotes.
  • Paint the nose with orange color and let it dry.
  • After all the painted wooden pieces get dried, glue the nose on the face and make two eyes with black paint. Glue both the hands onto the sign.
  • - Now drill two small holes in the top of the sign right at the center.
  • Take the wire and insert its ends through the backside of the sign and put the wire around the neckof the snowman and then tighten it. This will make the sign hang in the front of the snowman craft.
  • Now its turn to attach this Snowman Christmas craft to its base wood. For this, drill two holes in the base of the snowman and two holes in the base. With the help of screws, secure the Chirstmas snowman to the wooden base.
  • Use the ribbon to tie a scarf around your Snowman's neck.
Wooden Christmas Ornaments- Little Xmas Craft Ideas
Christmas Ornaments
Christmas Ornaments
Christmas ornaments are a must haves for Xmas. So, be prepared to make some Christmas ornaments through wooden crafts. We'll tell you how to make wooden Christmas ornaments! Gather the following materials for making such ornaments first.
  • - Basswood (1-1/8" X 2" X 24")
  • - Cutter
  • - Acrylic paints (white green, red, yellow and blue)
  • Glue
  • - Sheets of scrapbook paper (8-1/2" X 1"1 (red and white, green and white, blue and white)
  • White cardstock (also called cover stock or pasteboard)
  • - Gingham paper (having print like clothing fabric in a plaid weave)
  • - Baby buttons
  • - Ribbon (red with white dot, green with white dot, white with black dot)
  • - White cord (30")
  • - Paint pens with fine tips (black and orange)
  • - Drill with 1/16" drill bit
  • - Jump rings
  • - Scissors
  • - Ruler
  • - Pencil
Step-by-Step Instructions for Wooden Christmas Ornaments Craft
Following steps will guide you in your wooden craft project for Christmas ornaments.
Christmas Ornament Diagram
  • - You have to cut six octagon shapes from the basswood. For this, cut six 2" squares from the basswood with the help of cutter. Cut all the four corners of the squares in such a way that they give out a small triangle woods. This will give you wood in shape of octagon.
  • - Paint the wooden pieces- two octagon shapes in green, two in white, and one each in blue and red.
  • - Take five triangular wooden pieces (which you had cut earlier from the wood squares) and paint them in yellow, three triangle wood corner pieces in green and three in white.
  • - Tear paper into 3? scraps- four from white cardstock, two each from gingham paper, green & white, red & white, one from blue & white.
  • - Cut ribbons- two 2? lengths of white dotted red ribbon, one 2? length of black dotted white ribbon. Tie the remaining ribbon into bows and trim the ends.
  • - Now drill holes into octagon shapes of the wood. Drill holes one each on top and bottom of two green and one white wood octagons. You will be left with three pieces of octagonal wood now in which you have to drill hole on top only and not onto the bottom.
  • - Now combine the wooden octagonal shapes in sets of two- blue and white ornament, green and white ornament, and green and red ornament. Use four jump rings for each ornament. Insert one ring each into drilled holes and close. Use three other jump rings to join top and bottom pieces.
  • Use the decorative items like scrapbook papers, ribbons etc. to decorate your ornaments. You can write various terms on th ornaments with the help of paper pebbles, glue the triangular shapes onto the octagonal shape and so on.
  • Cut white cord into three 10? lengths for making hangers.
These are not only great decorations for Christmas but also are great craft ideas for Christmas gifts to be given to your friends and

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